Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nemesis Class Destroyer

The Nemesis Class Destroyer is a relatively new design, combining the speed and maneuverability of the Cobra Class Destroyer with a similar, albeit slightly less powerful armament to the Sword Class Frigate. Although not quite as well armed or armored as the reliable Swords, the Nemesis Class Frigate can be deadly in numbers. These ships are still rare, but are being built in increasing numbers.

I wanted to create a new escort ship for the Imperial Navy, something that serves the same role as the Iconoclast Escort provides for the Chaos Fleet. Basically, a smaller, faster, cheaper version of the Sword Class Frigate. I really liked the look of the real-world modern ship, the Littoral Combat Ship, specifically the General Dynamics design, which is a trimaran. In some ways it looks like a spaceship already.
I scratchbuilt the ship out of plasticard, and now that I've built the thing, I think I succeeded a little too well. It looks like the actual LCS took off and is flying in space... I'll have to play with the design a little bit, the second ship in the class will hopefully look a little bit more like a spaceship and less like the real LCS.


Max said...

Looks pretty good, but with those supports on either side... yeah, a bit like a water ship

Cawshis Clay said...

Looks great. You've got a real talent for scratch building BFG ships!

Anonymous said...

you could hae the side supports as torpedo bays