Saturday, December 20, 2008

Go Guard!

Using some extra Imperial Guard miniatures lying around, I decided to convert some of them to give a representation of some of the varied Imperial Guard regiments of the Arcadia Sector.

Anacostian Light Infantry
The Anacostian Light Infantry is renowned throughout the sector for their stealth and their ability to show up quickly, anywhere, anytime.
1st Arcadian Infantry
The 1st Arcadian Infantry Regiment was heavily engaged during the Cyclades Campaign, repelling an invasion of Yriel-Dyann Eldar. The Regiment lost nearly half of its number during the campaign, but largely due to the regiment’s efforts, the Eldar invasion was successfully repulsed. Since Cyclades the regiment has fought against other xeno forces, including Tyranids and Orks.
4th Arcadian Infantry
The 4th Arcadian Infantry suffered horrific casualties in their first battles against the Necrons, but since those initial defeats, their experience fighting them has begun to show through.
5th Arcadian Infantry (Mechanized)
The 5th Arcadian is renowned for innovative tactics, and is among the first regiments to make use of combined arms, integrated down to the battalion level.
11th Arcadian Rangers
The 11th Arcadian Rangers were involved during the Assault on Morkandy Beach, where they supported the beach assault by dropping behind enemy lines, disrupting the defenders’ supporting artillery and ambushing reinforcements.
16th Arcadian Infantry
The 16th Arcadian has seen action against Tau forces, but its most famous action was undoubtedly the Assault on Morkandy Beach, where the entire regiment participated in the first assaults on the beach. During the action, the first battalion alone suffered 85% casualties.
2nd Cydonian Infantry (The Nightstalkers)
Cydonia is known for mass producing high technology devices and arms. As such, like most Cydonian regiments, the Nightstalkers are extremely well equipped.
1st Deukalion Infantry
The 1st Deukalion Regiment specializes in close quarters actions, either within cities or at night. As such they tend to be well equipped with powerful, short-ranged weaponry, and specialize in military operations in urban terrain.
Fafnir Infantry (The Ice Wolves)
The Fafnir Ice Wolves specialize in combat in cold weather environments. They are renowned for their skill in setting up ambushes and then disappearing into the wilderness.
Tantalus Desert Fighters
Tantalus is a cold, dry, desolate world with a tenous atmosphere. The Tantalus Desert Fighters are skilled in conquering the environment as much as the enemy. As such they are used to dealing with hostile environments, destroying enemies who are less prepared.


Admiral Drax said...


This is an absolutely amazing collection: thank you, thank you, thank you, and well done!

- Drax (impressed)

Lach said...

Guard have so many different formations and army groups to choose from. Its always interesting to see them painted up and just the differences in how they can be painted. So now the question, can you make standing armies of each? hehe

Good job, they look awesome.

Badelaire said...

So many regiments of Guard, so little time for my Boyz and Botz to kill them all...

As always, very impressed, especially with some of the conversions.

Matt said...

superb collection, I love the antecostian, Looks like a modern day marine ranger just walked in.Great job.

Anonymous said...

Great display of the Guard's variation! Really nice to see just how different uniforms can be. Great stuff mate

Anonymous said...
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Randy said...

Wow, nicely done, thoroughly enjoyed the read too.

Jhenry said...

Hey love the army models and I am a major fan of Your battle reprots (Morkandy beach is my favorite makes me think of Saving Private Ryan) anyway I'm trying to get into Warhammer 40k and I want to begin by creating an Imperial Guard army that is optimal at fighting in urban and trench conditions.

dareyouhack said...

Awesome job, well done! The Tantulas Desert Fighters are probably my fave- it's a shame my Chaos Marines will crush them.

Death to the false Emperor!