Monday, November 10, 2008

Terrain Project: Necron Tombworld Beacon

This is a terrain piece I made for the Axis Columen Campaign--it will be the centerpiece of the fourth, and last, battle of the Campaign. Basically it represents the above-ground portion of a huge Necron tomb on the planet of Axis Columen: the tip of the iceberg, as it were. The Beacon has been transmitting a signal to a Necron fleet, which is on its way. If and when the fleet arrives in orbit, they will activate the tombworld generators, and all the Necrons will awake... The Brazen Claws Space Marines have to destroy this Beacon before this happens, or all is lost.

I started the project with a simple pyramid made of foam board, surrounded by four obelisks made of posterboard, mounted on a 12" x 12" square of 1" pink insulation foam.

Next I trimmed up the pink foam, and added plasticard to the pyramid to make it look more Necron-like.

In this stage I used some plaster filler to fill in gaps wherever I found them, mainly on the wall-joins of the pyramids, and along its base.

The next step was to coat the base with sand. Ultimately the plan was to make it look a little like the Beacon raised itself out of the ground, so I painted it to look like freshly overturned earth.

The next step was to paint it and apply decals. The paint was going to match the color of my fellow gamer Badelaire's Necron army, that is, dark blue metallic with gold trim. Badelaire's Necrons are painted with boltgun metal then given a coat of blue ink. Ink wouldn't work on this model, so I did a mix of various blues (mainly Midnight Blue, Regal Blue, and a dab of Enchanted Blue, with some Boltgun Metal. The result didn't look quite metallic enough, so I put a coat of gloss varnish ('Ardcoat) on the model to make it shiny.

I painted some golden plates on the front face as placement for Necron Decals. I didn't have decals of my own, so Badelaire graciously donated some to the cause. But little did I know that the decals were gold themselves!

All was not lost, however, as the gold decals looked pretty good distributed elsewhere on the model. I put some anyway on the gold plates on the main face of the pyramid--they're hard to see unless you get close or the lighting is right, but they're there. So here's the final result:

The rules we'll be using for the Beacon is that it will essentially "count as" a Necron Pylon, but will be a fixed feature on the battlefield from the start, and have twice as many structure points. Now we just have to fight the battle!


RonSaikowski said...

Very nice.
I know it might be a stretch but any chance of some templates for this monster?

Consider this Top5'ed.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant work! I didn't realise how huge it was until I saw the Marine being dwarfed by its height.

Darkwing said...

Thanks! By template do you mean a data sheet of rules, or a construction template to make one?

Either way, I'll can see what I can do.

RonSaikowski said...

If you had both, I'd love to see them.
I was thinking of the construction template when I mentioned it. In case anyone else was interested in trying their hands at building this.

You don't see any Necron terrain really and I would be interested in having templates to build something unique like this.

Don't kill yourself putting them together, I know that sometimes building can be done very loosely without templates and kinda of on the fly as you go.

Darkwing said...

Although I knew more or less what I wanted to make, I did more or less build it as a went. Maybe I'll come up with a template for a future article.

Anonymous said...

This is freaking cool I tried to build it but. I failed
could you pleas show how you originaly built the pyramid

. < ricardo >