Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yriel-Dyann Eldar

The Eldar is one of my oldest armies, and it shows, both in the models, and the paint jobs. It all started back around 1990 when I bought the "Aspect Warrior Deal" through GW mail order, which consisted of 5 Dire Avengers, 5 Howling Banshees, 5 Striking Scorpions, 5 Swooping Hawks, and 5 Fire Dragons, all for...$20. Those were the days... The army grew through the years as I added a model here, a model there, without any real guiding force as to what kind of army it was supposed to be. It just got bigger and bigger with time, and eventually I had amassed a rather eclectic force. Despite the random nature of army construction, it has done pretty well on the battlefield.

The warhost of Yriel-Dyann

The Avatar

Farseers and Warlocks

Fire Dragons with Exarch


Howling Banshees with Exarch

Striking Scorpions and Exarch

Wraithguard and Spiritseer

Dire Avengers with Exarch

The new Dire Avengers

Guardian Defenders


Storm Guardians, consisting of some of the oldest models in the army

Swooping Hawks with Exarch

The newer Swooping Hawks, with Exarch with (now illegal) Web of Skulls

Vyper Jetbike Squadron

Warp Spiders and Exarch

Dark Reapers and Exarch


Vibrocannon and crew


The Avatar of Khaine – 155pts
Eldrad Ulthran – 210pts
Farseer (Spirit Stones, Doom, Eldritch Storm, Guide) – 140pts
Warlocks – (1 Singing Spear, Conceal, Destructor, Enhance) – 118pts

Fire Dragons (Exarch with Firepike) – 116pts
Harlequins – (w/Troupe Master w/Power Weapon, Death Jester, 2 Harlequin’s Kiss, 2 Fusion Pistols) – 238pts
Howling Banshees (Exarch w/Executioner, War Shout, Acrobatic) – 128pts
Striking Scorpions (Exarch w/Scorpion’s Claw, Shadowstrike, Stalker) – 212pts
Wraithguard (w/Spiritseer with Singing Spear, Enhance) – 224pts

Dire Avengers (w/Exarch w/Diresword & Shuriken Pistol, Defend) – 97pts
Dire Avengers (w/Exarch w/2 Shuriken Catapults, Bladestorm) – 152pts
Guardian Defenders – (w/Scatter laser) – 175pts
Rangers – 95pts
Storm Guardians – 56pts

Fast Attack
Swooping Hawks (w/Exarch w/Hawk’s Talon, Skyleap) – 163pts
Swooping Hawks (w/Exarch w/Power Weapon, Skyleap) – 142pts
Vyper Jetbike Squadron (w/2 Scatter Lasers and 1 Brightlance) – 195pts
Warp Spiders (w/Exarch w/2 Death Spinners and powerblades) – 137pts

Heavy Support
Dark Reapers (w/Exarch w/Shuriken Cannon, Fast Shot, Crack Shot) – 182pts
Falcon (w/Scatter Laser) – 130pts
Support Weapon Battery (Vibrocannon) – 50pts
Wraithlord (Shuriken Catapult, Flamer, Starcannon) – 120pts

Total: 3235pts


Devilin said...

Your army looks as old as mine. Although I don't remember the storm guardians. I ended up with two sets of the guardians boxes, all I remember was the arms fell off whenever I transported them, I went through a lot of super glue.

Check it out my Alaitoc Army at:-

And where have the reports gone. There's some fine tactics and a good read. It's been missed.

Darkwing said...

That's quite an army you have there--I recognize some of the ancient metal guardians, etc.

I do have two battle reports in the works--look for one next week, and hopefully another one following that soon.