Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Battle Report: The Silex Campaign, Parts Three and Four

These battles are the third and fourth battles in a four battle mini-campaign between Orks and the Raven Guard. The battles center around a small Ork Waaagh that is rapidly forming on Silex, a moon in the Arcadia System. An Aquila Shuttle transporting a ancient artifact known only as the power matrix, attempts to evacuate Silex to prevent the artifact from falling into Ork hands. Unfortunately, the Orks shot down the shuttle and recovered the matrix, stealing it from the hands of a Raven Guard strike force. The Raven Guard had successfully ambushed Big Mek Grotsmaka and recovered the power matrix. Now the ground forces needed to make their way to a predetermined landing zone, and wait for the Thunderhawks to arrive. Mad Dok Kinstorg would be moving in force to take the power matrix back. Above, an Imperial Fleet was moving into to extract the Raven Guard ground forces, while an Ork fleet moved in to stop them.

Battlefleet Gothic: Imperial vs. Orks, 580pts
Warhammer 40,000: Raven Guard vs. Orks, 1,550pts


Shatari said...

A pity about the ending. I was hoping this would lead to an Apocalypse battle.

Darkwing said...

Don't worry, we have some plans for more Apocalypse-scale battles in the future.

Badelaire said...

Indeed. When it comes to the next Apoc battle, all I can say is, "We'll Be Back..."