Monday, June 16, 2008

Battle Report: The Silex Campaign, Part Two

This battle is the second battle in a four battle mini-campaign between Orks and the Raven Guard. The battles center around a small Ork Waaagh that is rapidly forming on Silex, a moon in the Arcadia System. An Aquila Shuttle transporting a ancient artifact known only as the power matrix, attempts to evacuate Silex to prevent the artifact from falling into Ork hands. Unfortunately, the Orks shot down the shuttle and recovered the matrix, stealing it from the hands of a Raven Guard strike force. Now that they had the power matrix in their possession, Big Mek Grotsmaka was trying to bring it to his workshop so he could use it in the construction of a Gargant and other nefarious weapons. Such a powerful war machine could be used to launch the Waaagh! in earnest. Captain Aidenn and his surviving Raven Guard, however, had an ambush planned, and would attempt to snatch the power matrix away from the Orks before it was too late.

Battle Two: Ambush, 1800 pts This mission represents the loser of Battle One ambushing the winner, in a last ditch effort to recover the power matrix.

Raven Guard vs. Orks, 1,800pts

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