Monday, June 9, 2008

Battle Report: The Silex Campaign, Part One

This battle is the first battle in a four battle mini-campaign between the Orks and the Raven Guard. The battles center around a small Ork Waaagh that is rapidly forming on Silex, a moon in the Arcadia System. An Aquila Shuttle transporting a ancient artifact known only as the power matrix, attempts to evacuate Silex to prevent the artifact from falling into Ork hands. Unfortunately, the Orks shoot down the shuttle and attempt to recover the power matrix—if they succeed in getting hold of the matrix, they can use it in the construction of a Gargant and other nefarious weapons, which they could then use to launch their Waaagh! in earnest. On the way to Silex is the 4th Company of the Raven Guard, detailed to stop the Waaagh! in its infancy. Discovering that the shuttle carrying the power matrix had been shot down, their objective changed—prevent the power matrix from falling into Ork hands. Failing that, they must do whatever is necessary to retrieve it from the Orks.

Battle One: Rescue
This mission represents the Raven Guard and the Orks arriving at the shuttle crash site at the same time in an effort to recover the power matrix.

Raven Guard vs. Orks, 2,240pts

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