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Battle Report: Orks vs. Space Wolves Extraction

Scenario: Extraction
Ork Forces: Badelaire
Space Wolves Forces: The D

The Forces
Ork ForcesPoints
Warboss (1) 84
Stormboyz with Nob (9) 146
Kommandos with Nob (10) 134
Flash Gitz with Nob (20) 246
Shoota Boyz with Nob (19)210
Slugga Boyz with Nob (25) 266
Wartraks (3) 138
Warbikes (3) 90
Trukk Boyz with Nob (10) 186
Total Points:1500
Space Wolves ForcesPoints
Wolf Guard Battle Leader (1)90
Venerable Dreadnought 165
Wolf Scouts (5) 92
Grey Hunters (Blue Squad) (11) 278
Grey Hunters (Green Squad) (9) 206
Blood Claws (Red Squad) (13) 217
Blood Claws with Rhino (Yellow Squad) (10) 237
Landspeeder Tornado 75
Snarl Fellhammer (Target Model) -
Fellhammer's Bodyguard - Blood Claws (6) -
Total Points:1500
 Turn 1
In the center of the battlefield lay the Space Wolf Blood Claws by their wrecked Rhino, protectively surrounding their severely wounded Wolf Guard Battle Leader Snarl Fellhammer. A recon squad of Grey Hunters (Blue Squad) had advanced beyond the wreck, taking cover in the woods, keeping an eye out for the Orks who were sure to arrive.

Little did they know but the Orks already had arrived. A unit of Ork Kommandos were hiding out in a wood well behind the Blood Claws and Fellhammer, ready to cut off their escape.

The Orks began to arrive in droves, a unit of warbikes, a unit of wartraks, and a trukk overflowing with boyz driving behind the cover of rocks.

Both the warbikes and the wartraks arrived with their guns blazing, blasting the ground around Blue Squad, but failing to kill any of them. The Kommandos remained out of range of anyone, so held their position.

Blue Squad advanced on the warbikes, attempting to distract them while Fellhammer and his Blood Claws retreated. The Grey Hunters fired their bolters, destroying two of the bikes.

Turn 2
The Ork Warboss and the Stormboyz arrived to the north, hoping to cut off Fellhammer. The Flash Gitz arrived to the south. The trukk continued to advance behind the cover of the rocks, while the wartraks advanced along the central path. The Ork Kommandos moved out of the woods and fired a rokkit on the Blood Claws bodyguard, killing one of them. The Nob’s shoota failed to kill any more. The last warbike and the three wartraks all fired on Blue Squad again, this time killing three of them.

Most of the Space Wolf rescue party arrived, with a squad of Blood Claws (Red Squad) near the southern edge. Going north from there, a Venerable Dreadnought arrived, then a Rhino containing another Blood Claws Squad (Yellow Squad), then a Predator Annihilator, and finally another Grey Hunters Squad (Green Squad).

The Predator arrives on the field and takes aim at the trukk boyz
Fellhammer and his Blood Claws continued to head towards the Space Wolf lines, shooting and killing a Stormboy as they did so. The Predator trained its turret on the Ork trukk ahead, and detonated it with a Lascannon shot. Orks went flying everywhere, three of them in bloody chunks. The rest took cover behind the wreckage. Blue squad shot and killed the last biker.

The Venerable Dreadnought fired its assault cannon on the Kommandos, killing three, while Red Squad’s bolt pistols killed two more, and Yellow Squad’s pintle-mounted storm bolter killed one more. The Kommandos, unable to withstand so many casualties at once, fell back and mobbed up with the newly arrived Flash Gitz.

Green Squad charged the Warboss, who struck down one of the marines before he was brought down by sheer weight of numbers.

Turn 3
The huge Slugga Boyz mob arrived near Green Squad. The Stormboyz advanced on Fellhammer, approaching to within striking distance. The wartraks fired on Fellhamer’s Blood Claws, killing one of them. The Flash Gitz fired everything they had on Red Squad, including a Skorcha, fifteen shootas and five big shootas, causing five wounds, but the marines’ power armor proved up to the task, and none of the Blood Claws were killed.

The Stormboyz assaulted Fellhammer and his Squad. The Nob killed no one, but the boyz did better, killing all four remaining bodyguards. They took down a pair of Stormboyz in return, and the wounded Fellhammer killed one more himself. Fellhammer was now a prisoner in the hands of the Orks.

The Slugga Boyz, for their part, plowed into Green Squad. They unleashed a total of 94 attacks on the charge, delivering 45 hits, 15 wounds, resulting in 9 dead Space Wolves, wiping them out.

The Slugga Boyz swamp Green Squad
The Space Wolf Land Speeder arrived, and moved to give support to Yellow Squad. Yellow Squad’s Rhino drove forward and pulled a 180, disembarking its cargo of Blood Claws rather close to Fellhammer and his Stormboyz captors. The Predator also moved forward, training its guns on the Stormboyz. Yellow Squad opened fire on the Stormboyz as well, but failed to kill any. The Heavy Bolter on the Landspeeder killed one of them, leaving only the Nob, dragging Fellhammer behind him.

The Venerable Dreadnought fired on the Flash Gitz, killing four. Red Squad fired on the Flash Gitz, killing one more, and then charged. Some of the Gitz were in cover, but they failed to make effective use of it, and did not kill any of the charging Blood Claws. For their part, the Blood Claws killed a total of ten of the Orks, who refused to flee, and the Blood Claws piled in.

Turn 4
The Shoota Boyz arrived, behind the recently victorious Slugga Boyz. The Stormboyz Nob continued to drag Fellhammer away, cursing that none of his comrades were around to help him. Then the wartraks arrived to help, driving past him and firing their big shootas at the rear armor of Yellow Squad’s Rhino. Despite five hits, none damaged vehicle. The Slugga Boyz fired their rokkits at the Predator’s vulnerable rear, but all the rokkits missed wildly.

The Blood Claws continued their assault on the Flash Gitz, killing seven, and leaving the Nob as the sole survivor. Despite delivering three wounds, the Nob failed to kill any of the Blood Claws. The Nob, all alone, fled for his life, and was cut down by the Blood Claws’ chainswords.

The Space Wolf Scouts arrived, deploying on the far side of the battlefield—too far to have much of an effect on the battle. The Space Wolves, wherever they were, all converged on Fellhammer. Between the main force of the Space Wolves and Fellhammer lay the three wartraks. The Predator’s Heavy Bolters opened fire on the wartraks, wrecking one of them, and destroying the big shoota on another. Then the turret mounted twin-linked Lascannon opened up, and detonated the third. A fireball rose into the sky, preceded by shards of razor sharp chunks of shrapnel from the blast. Some of those pieces of shrapnel hit Yellow Squad, pinging harmlessly off their power armor. The Stormboyz Nob, dragging Fellhammer behind him, suffered some superficial wounds, and glanced back at Fellhammer, only to see that Fellhammer had been decapitated by the explosion.

The Wartraks explode, killing Fellhammer
Cursing his luck, but secretly amused that the Space Wolves had inadvertently killed their own man, the Nob let the headless corpse thud to the ground, and ignited his rokkit pack, flying away from the battle.

The Space Wolves would recover the body and its geneseed, and then depart themselves...

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