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Battle Report: Orks vs. Lanterns Cityfight: Meeting Engagement

Scenario: Cityfight: Meeting Engagement
Ork Forces: Badelaire
Lanterns Forces: Meliadus

This was our second Cityfight battle, this time upping the ante to 1200 points. To keep things simple we stuck to the Meeting Engagement scenario.

The Forces
Ork ForcesPoints
Warboss Gorgrim Skulkraka II (1)86
Stormboyz with Nob (9) 146
Burnaboyz with Mekboy (11) 139
Shoota Boyz with Nob (17) 195
Pigface's Mob: Slugga Boyz with Nob (17)205
Klawfreek's Mob: Slugga Boyz with Nob (16)208
Dreadnought 83
Total Points:1200
Lanterns ForcesPoints
Tactical Squad (1st Squad) (10)156
Tactical Squad (2nd Squad) (10) 156
Tactical Squad (3rd Squad) (10) 156
Assault Squad (10)250
Land Speeder 50
Attack Bike 50
Total Points:1200
Turn 1
The Stormboyz launched off the roof of their building and landed in the street on the Ork right flank, getting cover behind buildings. Klawfreek’s mob followed, but turned up the main street towards the center. A Wartrak trundled alongside the mob. The Burna Boyz made up the left flank, supported by a pair of Wartraks and the Ork Dreadnought. The Shoota Boyz, Pigface II’s Slugga Boyz, and Warboss Gorgrim Skulkraka II made up the center.

The Rokkit Boyz from Klawfreek’s mob fired at the nearest Dreadnought, but as usual they all missed. Two of the Wartraks, the Ork Dreadnought, and the Shoota Boyz all fired on the Lanterns’ 1st Squad, and they only managed to kill a single marine.

The Lanterns Advance
The Lanterns’ Dreadnought 1 moved into the center of the intersection, daring the Orks to shoot at it. Dreadnought 2 moved to the side of the street, taking some shelter near a building. The Assault Squad leapt up to the roof of a nearby building. 1st and 2nd Squad each moved to better firing positions. The Attack Bike moved along the right flank.

The Landspeeder moved forward and fired its heavy bolter at the Burna Boyz at the far end of the street, killing two. 3rd Squad fired on Klawfreek’s Slugga Boyz, killing three. Both Dreadnoughts opened fire with their Assault Cannons, but failed to kill any more orks.

Turn 2
The Burna Boyz continued their march up the side street, in an apparent flanking maneuver. The Wartraks moved onto the main streets. Pigface II’s mob moved out onto the main street as well, while Klawfreek’s mob advanced, the rokkits to the front.

The Ork Dreadnought and two of the Wartraks fired on 2nd Squad, hitting three times but failing to bring down any marines. Dakkaboss’ Shoota Boyz failed to kill anyone, and the third Wartrak killed a single member of 1st Squad. Pigface II’s mob killed another pair of marines in 1st Squad. The Rokkit boyz from Klawfreek’s Slugga Boyz targeted the nearest Dreadnought. Two of the Rokkits smashed home. One glancing shot stunned the pilot, while the other penetrated into the machine and destroyed it.

The Orks advance
The Attack Bike continued on the right flank. 1st Squad moved into a building opposite the Shoota Boyz. Dreadnought 2 advanced towards Pigface’s Mob. The Assault Squad landed back on the street.

The Dreadnought opened fire on Pigface’s Slugga Boyz, killing four of them with its storm bolter and assault cannon. 1st Squad fired on the same squad, killing eight with its flamer and massed bolter fire. 3rd Squad kept the pressure on, killing four more Orks in Pigface’s mob, leaving Pigface II as the sole survivor. 2nd Squad fired on the nearest Wartrak, shaking up its crew. The Landspeeder added its Heavy Bolter to the mix but failed to do any additional damage. The Assault Squad fired on the Wartrak on the Ork right flank, destroying its twin-linked big shoota and immobilizing it. The Attack Bike opened fire with its twin-linked bolters and the heavy bolter, killing two of the Burna Boyz. The Burna Boyz, not expecting the attack, began to fall back, and seeing their immediate line of retreat cutoff by a Wartrak and the Dreadnought, panicked and completely fled the battlefield!

Turn 3
Pigface II fell back, and proceeded to mob up with Warboss Gorgrim II. The Stormboyz launched themselves up to a nearby roof. The Warboss and Klawfreek’s mob both closed on the Assault Squad.

The Dreadnought fired on 1st Squad, but failed to hit anything. The Wartrak fired on 1st Squad, killing a single marine. The Shoota Boyz, despite firing everything they had at 1st Squad, failed to kill any more.

The Warboss, Pigface, Klawfreek’s Slugga Boyz, and the Stormboyz all fired on the Assault Squad, and only one casualty was caused, that one by one of Klawfreek’s rokkits. The Warboss, Pigface, and Klawfreek’s mob then charged into assault with the marines. Warboss Gorgrim killed one, the Sluggas three more. The Assault Marines killed two of the Slugga Boyz, and finally Klawfreek himself killed a pair of Assault Marines. The three survivors fell back out of reach of the orks.
 Klawfreek's mob assault the assault marines
The Lanterns’ Dreadnought marched towards the Ork Dreadnought. The Assault Squad regrouped out of sight of the Orks that had pounded them. 2nd Squad advanced to bring the fight to the enemy. The Landspeeder and 1st Squad fired on the Wartrak, and failed to destroy it. The Marine Librarian cast Smite on the Warboss and Pigface, wounding Pigface. 2nd Squad then fired on them, the flamer killing Pigface and wounding the Warboss with massed bolter fire. 3rd Squad fired at Klawfreek’s mob, killing no less than four of them.

The Lanterns’ Dreadnought charged the Ork Dreadnought. By some twist of fate the marine Dreadnought completely missed with all of its attacks, and the buzzsaw and powerklaw of the Ork Dreadnought proceeded to take it apart, reducing it to a smoking wreck.

Turn 4
The Shoota Boyz began to shift their position out of the rubble strewn building, moving towards their far left flank.

The Wartraks fired on the Landspeeder, and the Big Shoota shots knocked it from the sky twice over. The Shoota Boyz fired on the Attack Bike moving down the street, and destroyed it. With the loss of the dreadnought and now the attack bike, the Lanterns’ right flank was looking weak indeed. Klawfreek’s Slugga Boyz fired on 2nd Squad killing one of the marines.

The Warboss and Klawfreek’s Slugga Boyz assaulted the Librarian and 2nd Squad. The marines concentrated on the Warboss, and brought him down, but he killed three marines on the way down. Klawfreek himself killed three more. The Marines fell back, and the Orks consolidated into the cover of a nearby building.

The Ork Dreadnought assaults 1st Squad
The Ork Dreadnought assaulted 1st Squad, its Buzzsaw and Powerklaw tearing at the building to get at the marines inside. The powerklaw crushed one marines skull, and the marines, unable to damage the dreadnought fell back.

2nd Squad and the Assault Marines, each previous victims of the Ork assault, bravely moved forward to face them again. The Assault Squad fired on Klawfreek’s mob, killing one, while the flamer from 1st Squad killed three more. 2nd and 3rd Squad’s bolters brought down two more. Klawfreek was the last one left, and the Librarian, 2nd Squad, and the Assault Squad finished him in the assault.

Turn 5
The Dreadnought’s skorcha fired on 3rd Squad, killing two. The two mobile Wartraks moved in and fired on the Assault Squad, killing 1 of them.

The Ork Dreadnought continues to assault 1st Squad
3rd Squad moved back towards the church to consolidate their position. 1st Squad moved towards a building. 2nd Squad moved towards the Wartraks. The Librarian, 2nd Squad and Assault Squad shot at the Wartraks, but failed to damage them, and then proceeded to assault them, and the Assault Marines succeeded in destroying one of them.
Turn 6
The last surviving Wartrak gunned its engine and smashed through the wall of the nearest building, miraculously remaining intact. The Shoota Boyz moved into a building on their left flank, capturing it.

The Shoota Boyz and the Dreadnought opened fire, but failed to kill anyone. The Wartrak’s gunner spun around and fired out the hole they just made at 2nd Squad killing one of the marines. The Stormboyz, in position to strike, opened fire and killed one more. The Stormboyz assaulted the last survivor of 2nd Squad and the nob killed him.

The Dreadnought assaulted 1st Squad, killing one of the marines.

The Assault Marines took off and claimed the building that the Shoota Boyz had just vacated, but one of them crashed and was killed on landing.

3rd Squad opened fire on the Shoota Boyz, killing three of them, while the last Assault Marine did the same and killed one more.

The Dreadnought, still locked in combat with 1st Squad, killed the Force Commander by gripping him in its powerklaw and then buzzing through him with its saw. The marines then turned to run, and the Dreadnought ran them all down, wiping out the squad.

Then the Librarian charged the Stormboyz, all nine of which surrounded him. The situation looked grim. Then the orks wounded the Librarian once, and he proceeded to kill three of them, and then he chased down and slaughtered the remaining six as they fled his wrath.
The Librarian slaughters the Stormboyz!
With horrendous casualties on both sides, both the Lanterns and Orks retired for the day, each having gained some ground while losing some, leaving the battle a bloody draw.

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