Friday, February 8, 2008

Battle Report: Necrons vs. Tau Rearguard

After defeating the Necrons in a battle at night, the Tau chased after the retreating Necron forces in the hopes of eradicating them.

Scenario: Breakthrough Rearguard
Necron Forces: Badelaire
Tau Forces: Darkwing
The Forces
Necron ForcesPoints

Flayed Ones (10)180

Warriors (15) 270

Warriors (15) 270

Destroyers (5) 250

Total Points:970
Tau Forces Points

Commander Shas'o with Bodyguard (3)299

Ethereal 50

Crisis Battlesuit Team (3) 232

Stealth Team (6) 217

Fire Warriors (12)130

Fire Warriors (12) 130

Fire Warriors (12) 130

Fire Warriors (12) 130

Pathfinders (6) with Devilfish Dropship198

Gun Drones (8)96

Broadside Battlesuit Team (3) 235

Hammerhead Gunship 160

Total Points:2007
Turn 1
The Tau Hunter Cadre advanced onto the battlefield to face the two separate Necron forces. The Hammerhead on the Tau right flank opened fire with its Ion Cannon felling two Necron Warriors. The Crisis Suit Team fired their missile pods at the same squad, killing another Warrior. The rest of the Tau Army was out of range.

All three downed Necrons self-repaired and rejoined their unit. The Destroyers fired on the Devilfish, and while all of them hit, none of them damaged the vehicle.

Turn 2
The Tau Army continued to advance, and the Devilfish disembarked the Pathfinders. The Hammerhead fired on the Necron Warriors, again felling two with the Ion Cannon. The Crisis Suit team, and the Commander fired their Missile Pods on the Warriors, killing two more.

Three of the fallen Warriors self repaired, while one phased out, too damaged to continue. The Destroyers fired on a unit of Fire Warriors on the Tau left flank, killing four of them.

Turn 3
The Pathfinders fired their Pulse Carbines at the Necron Warrior unit on the Necron right flank, but failed to kill any of them. A Fire Warrior Squad was luckier, taking down one of them. The Devilfish also failed to kill any Warriors with its Burst Cannon.

On the Tau right flank, the Crisis suits failed to do any damage to the Necron Warrior unit, but the Hammerhead killed three of them with its Ion Cannon, and the Commander killed two more.

Two of the Necron Warriors phased out while four self-repaired. The Flayed Ones arrived, deep-striking atop the hill in front of the Crisis Team.

The Necron Warrior squad opposite the Hammerhead opened fire on it. Despite 11 shots, only three hit, and none of them damaged the Gunship. The other Necron Warrior Squad fired on the Devilfish, hitting it 11 times, glancing it twice, and destroyed it. The Destroyers opened fire on a Fire Warrior Squad again, killing eight of them and wiping out the squad.

Turn 4
The Tau second wave arrived, pouring onto the battlefield as the first wave unleashed its firepower.

The Stealth Team found themselves in range of the Flayed Ones, and they opened fire, killing four. The Crisis Team, within close range, killed five more Flayed Ones, leaving only one left. The Hammerhead finished it off with its Ion Cannon, wiping out the squad and preventing them from repairing.

The Pathfinders fired their Rail Rifles and Carbines at the Necron Warriors on the Necron right flank, killing a pair of them. The Broadsides, finally in a firing position, fired on the same Warrior unit, killing three more.

Two of the Warriors self-repaired. The Destroyers fired on the Tau Gun Drones, destroying all eight and wiping them out.
Turn 5

Time was running out for the two, and there were far too many Necrons left. The Hammerhead’s Ion Cannon was less than effective, while the Smart Missile System accounted for a single Necron.

The fire on the Tau left flank was better. The Crisis Team killed two Necron Warriors, while the Pathfinders killed one more. The Stealth Team killed three, while the Broadsides killed one more. The Necrons failed their pinning test, and were locked in place.

Five of the Necrons self-repaired, while two phased out.

The Destroyers fired on the Crisis Team, destroying two of the drones and wounding one of the Crisis Suits.

With that, the battle was over, with plenty of Necrons still in the fight.

Unable to press the advantage, the Tau would be forced to confront the Necrons again. (As a note, the Necrons went 17 for 22 (77%) for WBB rolls…)

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