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Battle Report: Necrons vs. Imperial Guard Take and Hold

Scenario: Battle Take and Hold
Necron Forces: Badelaire
Imperial Guard Forces: Darkwing
The Forces
Necron Forces
Destroyer Lord (1)
Flayed Ones (7)
Flayed Ones (7)
Immortals (8)
Warriors (15)
Destroyers (5)
Heavy Destroyers (2)
Scarab Swarms
Imperial Guard ForcesPoints
Command Platoon (5) with 1 Fire Support Squad (6), 2 Anti-Tank Squad (12), and 1 Mortar Squad 497
Storm Troopers (10)125
Hardened Veterans (10) 129
1st Infantry Platoon with 3 Infantry Squads (35) 320
2nd Infantry Platoon with 2 Infantry Squads (25)269
2nd Infantry Platoon with 2 Infantry Squads (25)230
Leman Russ Tank Squadron (3)527
Total Points:2097
Turn 1
2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon await the Necron assault
The Imperial Guard had a Tank Platoon and the Infantry Company’s 3rd platoon around the objective. The Guardsmen took up positions near cover, looking for the approaching Necrons.

The Necrons poured onto the battlefield in a long line. Anchoring the center was the Necron Destroyer Lord, with a Tomb Spyder next to him. They in turn were each flanked by large squads of Warriors, capped off by a Tomb Spyder at either end. A line of scarabs were in front. On the left flank moved a squad of 5 Destroyers, and on the right flank were a pair of Heavy Destroyers and a squad of Immortals. Finally, two squads of Flayed Ones had infiltrated behind cover on either flank of the Imperial position.

The Flayed Ones advanced, closing in. The Heavy Destroyers opened fire on the nearest Leman Russ, shaking up the crew.

The Imperial Guard retaliated by opening fire. Two Battlecannon opened fire, one at the Destroyers, the other at the Heavy Destroyers. Both shots missed their targets, only serving to destroy some trees and make craters. The Command Squad of the 3rd Platoon (C/3) opened fire on the Scarabs and missed. The 1st Squad of the 3rd Platoon (1/3), managed to kill one Scarab base. The 2nd Squad (2/3), fired and missed the Flayed Ones on the right flank.

The 1st and 2nd Platoons arrive to attack the Immortals
Turn 2
The Necrons advanced in a wide envelopment maneuver, closing in on the objective. The Heavy Destroyers opened fire on the center Leman Russ, detonating its magazine, sending flaming debris all around, which killed one guardsman from 2/3, and two guardsmen from C/3. On the Necron left flank, the Destroyers opened fire on the right Leman Russ, but failed to damage it.

The Scarabs assaulted 1/3 and C/3. The guardsmen attacked first, delivering two wounds, while the scarabs delivered four, but only one guardsman fell as the other three were saved by their flak armor.

The guardsmen held their ground and fired at what targets they could. 2/3 fired on the Flayed ones approaching them, killing one. The right Leman Russ fired on the same squad, and killed five more. The left Leman Russ fired on the other squad of Flayed Ones, killing four of them.

In the assault, the guardsmen killed a pair of scarab bases, while four guardsmen were killed in return.

Turn 3
The Monolith arrived from reserve, landing behind the objective, slightly to the Imperial Guard’s right flank. The rest of the Necron Army continued their advance, the Heavy Destroyers flanking the left Leman Russ. They opened fire, destroying the tank easily. On the Necron left, the Destroyers fired on 2/3, killing nine and wiping out the squad. The Monolith and a squad of Necron Warriors fired on the right Leman Russ, but failed to damage it. In close combat, the guardsmen killed another scarab base while suffering no casualties.

The Imperial Guard reserves began to arrive, dropping from the sky. The 1st and 2nd platoons arrived, as well as the Hardened Veterans and the Stormtroopers. The Headquarters Platoon (with the company’s heavy weapons) failed to arrive.

1st and 2nd Platoons landed in front of the Immortals, while others landed around the Flayed Ones and the Heavy Destroyers. The Hardened Veterans landed behind the Immortals, while the Stormtroopers unfortunately landed on top of the Flayed Ones, losing four of their number on the drop. Their mission was clear—overwhelm the Necron right flank and then roll up their line.

The right Leman Russ fired on the approaching Necron Warriors, and killed five of them.

At close range, the Imperial Guard opened up with everything they had. The Command Squad from the 2nd Platoon (C/2) and the 3rd Squad of the 1st Platoon (3/1) killed the two Heavy Destroyers, and the rest of the guardsmen concentrated on the Immortals. The 1st Platoon’s Lieutenant promptly killed himself when his Plasma Pistol overheated. 4 Storm Bolter, 1 Bolter, 2 Laspistol, 1 Hellpistol, 3 Hellgun, 4 Shotgun, 4 Meltagun, 6 Grenade Launcher, 2 Flamer, and 34 Lasgun shots later, seven Immortals were down, leaving one left standing, and thus preventing them whole unit from phasing out. To put it simply, the Imperial Guard failed horribly in their mission.

In the assault, the guardsmen finished off another scarab base, and took no casualties.

The Necrons advance as the Tomb Spyder destroys the Leman Russ
Turn 4

Four out of the seven Immortals promptly self-repaired and rejoined the fight. Three of the five Necron Warriors killed by the Leman Russ’ Battlecannon, benefiting from the Lord’s Resurrection Orb, were able to self-repair as well.

The single Flayed One on the Necron left flank failed his “All on your own” check and fell back. The Necrons continued to advance while the Monolith shifted its position. The Immortals wreaked their vengeance on the Hardened Veterans, killing five of them. A squad of Necron Warriors fired on 2/2, killing five. The other squad of Warriors fired on the right Leman Russ, shaking up the crew, and the Destroyers proceeded to destroy the tank’s Battlecannon. The Monolith attempted to finish off the tank with its Particle Whip, but missed.

One of the Necron Tomb Spyders charged into C/1 and 2/2, while the group of Flayed Ones charged the Storm Troopers.

The guardsmen in the center continued to wound Scarabs, delivering another two wounds. The Stormtroopers all missed, while the Flayed Ones killed two of the Storm Troopers. The Tomb Spyder crushed four guardsmen with ease, while not being damaged itself. 2/2 fled.

Everything that could shoot fired on the Immortals, including the Hardened Veterans, 1/1, 2/1, 1/ 2, and C/2, and between them they managed to kill a single Immortal. 3/1 assaulted the Flayed Ones to help out the Stormtroopers.

The guardsmen continued to wound the Scarabs, but the Scarabs simply would not die. In return the Scarabs killed one guardsman. The Tomb Spyder killed another guardsman. The Stormtroopers and guardsmen were useless against the Flayed Ones, who killed a pair of guardsmen in return.

The Necron Destroyer Lord enters the fray
Turn 5

The one downed Immortal promptly self-repaired. The Immortals fired again, killing five Hardened Veterans and wiping out the squad. The Warriors fired again on the Leman Russ, immobilizing it. The Destroyers fired on C/2, killing all five, wiping out the Squad.

A Tomb Spyder assaulted the Leman Russ, damaging the tracks. The Necron Lord assaulted C/3, which was locked in combat with the Scarabs, and killed one of them. The guardsmen did nothing in return, as did the Scarabs. C/3 proceeded to flee.

The Tomb Spyder on the Necron right flank killed the last member of C/1, and consolidated into 1/1. The Flayed Ones killed two more guardsmen, while the guardsmen finally felled a single Flayed One.

The Headquarters Platoon finally arrived. The Heavy Weapons Squads landed behind the objective and on the right flank, while the Command Squad itself landed close behind the objective to its left.

2/1 and 1/ 2 fired on the Immortals, killing three of them. The Leman Russ fired on the warriors with its Heavy Bolter and Lascannon, but failed to kill any of them. Then the Tomb Spyder tore into it and destroyed it.

The Necron Lord and the Scarabs killed two guardsmen, causing the rest of 1/3 to flee. The Flayed Ones killed another Guardsman, while the Stormtroopers and guardsmen killed one more Flayed One, leaving one left.

The Tomb Spyder killed two more guardsmen of 1/1.

Turn 6
One of the Immortals self-repaired, as did one of the Flayed Ones.

The Necrons continued their advance, almost unopposed. The Immortals fired on 1/ 2, killing four. The Lord used his Staff of Light on the C/HQ, killing one—another was wounded but saved by the Medic’s medipack. A unit of Warriors fired on C/HQ, killing 3, leaving only the Captain.

The Destroyers fired on the squad of Lascannon teams, wiping it out. The Monolith fired its Particle Whip on the Heavy Bolter Squad, killing one crewmember.

The Necron Lord and the Scarabs charged the Captain, wounding him. The Captain was unable to do anything in return.

The Stormtrooper Sergeant killed one Flayed One, and the fight continued. The Tomb Spyder killed another two guardsmen in 1/1.

Squads 2/1 and 1/ 2 fired on the Immortals, and failed to kill any of them. The Heavy Bolters fired on the Destroyers, killing two of them. The Mortars fired on a tightly packed bunch of Necron Warriors, hitting directly on target, but failing to kill any of them.

The Captain wounded the Necron Lord once, then the Lord killed him. The Tomb Spyder took one wound, but squashed another guardsman. The Flayed ones killed another guardsman.

By now the Necrons were swarming over the objective, and there was almost no one left to oppose them... With that the battle was over.

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