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Battle Report: The Tyranid Swarm Attacks, Part 1

The Orks continued their attacks on Arcadia Prime, slaughtering wherever they went. However the Waaagh! ran into a new enemy--not Humans, not Eldar, but this time, it was Tyranids! The Orks didn't mind, however--after all, more enemies meant more things to kill!

Scenario: Standard Recon
Ork Forces: Darkwing
Tyranid Forces: Tyrant

The Forces
Ork ForcesPoints

Warboss with Bosspole, Shoota (Kustom Job: Shootier
and More Dakka
), Choppa

Painboss with 'Eavy Armour, Dok's Tools, Bionik Arm,
Bionik Bonce,
and Cybork Body

Stormboyz with Nob (8)131

Shoota Boyz (13)104

Burna Boyz (5)69

Slugga Boyz (10)90

Slugga Boyz (10)90

Wartrak with Twin-Linked Big Shoota (2)92

Gretchin (20) and 1 Slaver69

Gretchin (20) and 1 Slaver69

Lungbursta (Custom Vehicle)118

Lungbursta (Custom Vehicle)118

Gobsmasha (Custom Vehicle)128

Total Points:1241

Tyranid ForcesPoints

Hive Tyrant with Tyrant Guard (3)228

Warrior Brood (3)114

Warrior Brood (3)114

Lictor (1)80

Genestealers (7)112

Genestealers (7)112

Hormagaunt Brood (16)160

Termagant Brood (16)112

Ripper Swarm (3)30



Total Points:1249

Turn 1

The Tyranid Swarm!

The Tyranid Swarm, upon sensing the presence of the Orks, surged forward, hungry for blood. The Hormagaunts moved through the trees to the left, while the Hive Tyrant and Carnifex held the center, the Termagants rushing ahead past them. The Hive Tyrant fired its Venom Cannon on the Gobsmasha, shaking up the crew. The lone Biovore, at the back of the Tyranid line, launched a poison spore mine that landed smack on top of the Warboss and his Slugga Boyz, killing 1 of them and wounding the Warboss. The two Wartraks nearby were both shaken by the poison as well.

The Orks surged forward in their turn. The Wartraks sped ahead on the Ork left flank, already outflanking the Tyranid army. The remainder of the Ork army advanced, with the three Ork tanks climbing the hill for better firing positions. One Lungbursta fired its Kannon at the Carnifex and missed.

Turn 2

The Ork Horde!

The Tyranids continued to advance, and opened fire. The Carnifex's Barbed Strangler killed five Gretchin, while the rest of the Tyranid fire was ineffective. All the gaunts continued to rapidly skitter forward. The Hormagaunts leapt over the hill and between the Gobsmasha and the right Lungbursta to engage the Burna Boyz in close combat, killing one of them in the initial charge. The Burna Boyz fought back and killed a Hormagaunt. The rest of the Hormagaunts and Burna Boyz piled in to
continue the fight. The Orks continued to advance to meet the Tyranid threat. The Ork tanks opened fire--with one Lungbursta missing completely and the other only succeeding in hitting the Carnifex with a shoota shot, which merely pattered off the Carnifex's chitin carapace. The Gobsmasha unleashed its flamer on the Termagants ahead of it, hitting five and killing three. The Gretchin opened up with their Blastas at the Genestealers ahead of them, but typically missed with all their shots. The Wartraks, now well behind the Tyranid lines, opened fire on the three Tyranid Warriors ahead of them, killing two out of three. The Shoota boys rushed to the aid of the Burna Boyz, who were in serious danger of getting overwhelmed. One of the Shoota Boyz was killed, but the Shoota Boyz and Burna Boyz combined to killed no less than eight Hormagaunts, swinging the combat well in favor of the Orks.

The Tyranid Swarm swarms!

Turn 3
The Tyranids continued their implacable advance, and the two armies came ever closer together. The Hive Tyrant fired its Venom Kannon at the Gobsmasha, destroying its Flamer. The Biovore fired another Poison Spore Mine at the Ork forces, killing one of the Slugga Boyz and two Grots. The Genestealers, accompanied by the Ripper Swarms, assaulted the Grots directly in front of them, with predictable results. Green limbs, heads, and red blood splattered everywhere, and when it was over, ten Grots had been slaughtered. The surviving combatant missed his target, but the Slaver, whipping the survivors mercilessly, forced the remainder to keep fighting. On the Ork right flank, an infiltrating unit of Genestealers had flanked the Ork army and charged the right Lungbursta. The Genestealers' rending claws made short work of the Ork vehicle, blowing it sky high. The Termagants jumped into the assault with their brethren the Hormagaunts, and their combined attack killed five Shoota Boyz, but the Orks gave as good as they
got and killed five Termagants in return.

The Ork Wartraks homed in on the lone Tyranid Warrior on the Tyranid right flank, who had taken cover in some woods. The trees did not help the Warrior, and Big Shoota shots defoliated the trees and ripped apart the Warrior. The left Lungbursta fired its Kannon again at the Carnifex, and as usual it missed.  The Gobsmasha similarly missed with its Kannon, but hit with its twin-linked Shoota, but the shells were just too small to wound the beast. The Stormboyz used their jump packs to leapt into combat with the Genestealers, thereby also providing some support to the beleaguered Shoota Boyz and Burna Boyz. The Genestealers were a tough nut to crack, however, and ripped apart three Stormboyz before they could attack. The Stormboyz and their Nob, however, managed to killed five out of seven of the Genestealers, which continued the fight unperturbed. In the vast Boyz/Gaunt combat, two more Boyz were shredded, but six Gaunts were killed, and the Hormagaunts, out of
synapse range, fell back towards cover. The Painboss and his Slugga Boyz attacked the Genestealers that had so recently slaughtered the Grots. The quicker genestealers slaughtered no less than six Orks, while the Ripper Swarm killed another. The Painboss killed four Genestealers in return, while the rest of the Slugga Boyz killed two more.

Shoota Boyz attack the Gaunts while the Genestealers make short work of a Lungbursta

Turn 4
The Biovore opened fire again, killing a single Grot and the Slaver. Without the Slaver present, the remaining 19 Grots ran for cover, effectively leaving the battlefield. The Carnifex halted within striking distance of the Gobsmasha, and fired its Barbed Strangler at it to no effect. The Hormagaunts, now back within range of the Tyranid synapse creatures, leapt back into the attack against the Boyz. On the Ork left flank, a Lictor burst out of the trees to attack the Warboss and his retinue of Slugga Boyz. The Lictor killed two of the Orks, but then the Slugga Boyz swarmed the creature and killed it. The Painboss killed one of the Genestealers, but by now the Hive Tyrant and Tyrant Guard joined the fray.

The Genestealers, along with the Ripper Swarms, Hive Tyrant, and Tyrant Guard,
killed seven of the Orks, including the Painboss. The Stormboyz killed one of the two remaining Genestealers on the right flank, suffering no casualties in return. The Gaunts in the center killed three more Shoota Boyz, while the Boyz killed a single Gaunt in return. The Shoota Boyz decided that they had had enough, and fled off the table.

The Orks and Tyranids, locked in furious combat

The Gobsmasha and the Lungbursta opened fire with their Kannons again at the Carnifex, and again they both missed. The Gobsmasha did manage to connect with its Shoota again, but firing at a Carnifex with a Shoota is an exercise in futility. The two Wartraks, now fully behind the Tyranid army, fired on the Hive Tyrant and its bodyguards, to no effect. The Stormboyz Nob killed the last remaining Genestealer on the right flank, and the Stormboyz consolidated their position so as to help the Burna Boyz in the future. The Gaunts killed one of the Burnaboyz, who responded by killing three Gaunts.
Turn 5
The Hive Tyrant shot at the Lungbursta with his Venom Kannon, but was unable to penetrate its armor. The Tyranid Warriors on the Tyranid left flank fired on the Stormboyz, but missed. The Biovore launched another Poison Spore Mine, killing two Slugga Boyz. The Tyranids were now ready for the final assault. The Hive Tyrant leapt forward to attack the Lungbursta, while the Carnifex climbed the hill to attack the Gobsmasha. The results were not pretty. The Carnifex ripped gaping holes through the Gobsmasha with each sweep of its talons, reducing it to a flaming wreck. The Hive Tyrant did the same with the Lungbursta, no less spectacularly. The
Termagants killed another Burnaboy, causing the survivors to run and flee off the battlefield.

The Lictor assaults the Slugga Boyz

The Ork Wartraks, oblivious to the fate of the rest of the army, closed in on the Biovore and shot it to pieces with their Big Shootas. The Stormboyz attacked the Gaunts, killing four and wiping them out, but their was little time to celebrate.
Turn 6
The Tyrant Guard and the Hive Tyrant advanced on the Stormboyz, and shot them to pieces with their spinefists and the Venom Kannon. The sole survivors of the Ork army at this point was the Warboss and his depleted Slugga Boyz, and the two wartraks, while the Tyranids swarmed over the hill, among the smoking ruins of the Ork vehicles and scores of their bodies. The Ork Warboss laughed at his victory, as his stratagem worked, and allowed him to get behind the Tyranid lines. No matter that the Tyranids wiped out his entire army in the process...

The Hive Tyrant destroys a Lungbursta

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