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Battle Report: Necrons vs. Imperial Guard Night Fight

The Necron forces continued their implacable advance across Arcadia Secundus, their destination unknown.

Determined to halt their advance, a platoon of B Company, 1st Battalion of the 4th Infantry Regiment took up defensive positions to await the arrival of the Necrons. It would turn out that the Necrons would arrive in the dark of night…

Scenario: Standard Night Fight
Necron Forces: Badelaire

Imperial Guard Forces: Darkwing

The Forces

Necron ForcesPoints

Necron Lord with Warscythe and Resurrection Orb150

Necron Warriors (12)216

Necron Warriors (12)216

Flayed Ones (10)180

Scarab Swarms (4)48

Scarab Swarms (4)48

Tomb Spyder (1)55

Total Points:

Imperial Guard ForcesPoints

Command Platoon (5) with 1 Fire Support Squad (6) and 1 Anti-Tank Squad (6)285

Hardened Veterans (10)187

Infantry Platoon with 3 Infantry Squads (35)275

Leman Russ Battle Tank166

Total Points:

Turn 1

The Imperial Guard Battle line 

The nervous guardsmen scanned the darkness ahead of them—they could hear the Necron forces ahead, but could not see them. Even the searchlight on the Leman Russ failed to pick out any targets. The Necrons implacably advanced, and unseen to the guardsmen, a unit of Flayed Ones phased in close to their left flank.

Turn 2
The guardsmen readied their weapons, searching the darkness. The Necrons were coming closer and closer—surely they should be visible by now. A few guardsmen thought they saw something, and a few shots rang out, but they were all blind shots into the darkness, and nothing was hit.
The Necrons moved forward still, unperturbed by the panic shots coming from the Imperial lines. The shooting only served to show the Necrons where the guardsmen where. In the Anti-Tank Squad, the six crewmen were searching for anything, and then they found it—getting swarmed over by Scarabs. Two of the guardsmen died screaming, while the other four pulled out
their pistols and fired wildly and hitting nothing.

Turn 3
The Flayed Ones massacre the guardsmen

The Leman Russ fixed its searchlight on a target—a Tomb Spyder, shockingly close. It rocked back on its treads at the battlecannon belched fire, smashing into the Tomb Spyder and wounding it. The Flayed Ones appeared out of the darkness, mere yards in front of a Tactical Squad. The Squad opened up with all of its guns, and it was supported by the two Heavy Bolters and the Autocannon from the Fire Support Squad. After the fusillade, four Flayed Ones were down, one of them vaporized by the Tactical Squad’s meltagun. Scarabs started appearing close to the Imperial lines, and the Imperial line opened up,killing a few of the mechanical bugs, while three times as many approached at high speed. The Veterans, members of the 11th Ranger Regiment, opened fire for the first time and picked off a single Necron warrior that was just appearing out of the darkness. The Scarabs continued to kill the Anti-Tank Squad on the Imperial right flank, killing two more. In return the guardsman killed a single bug.

Three of the four downed Flayed Ones promptly got back up, while the single killed Necron Warrior phased out, too damaged to continue. Then the Necrons charged into the Imperial lines. The Flayed Ones leapt into combat with the Tactical Squad, killing three of them of short order for no loss of their own. The Scarabs flew into the center of the Imperial line, assaulting a Tactical Squad and the veteran’s squad. A handful of the scarabs were killed along, with 2 guardsmen, and the assault continued unabated. Another scarab was killed in the desperate fight with the Anti-Tank Squad.

Turn 4
The Fire Support Squad, seeing their comrades in the Tactical Squad ahead of them getting massacred, backed up so they could fire upon the Flayed Ones once they had finished with the Tactical Squad. The Leman Russ attempted to fire on some Necron Warriors with its battlecannon, but could not pick them out in the dark. The Scarabs finally overwhelmed the Anti-Tank Squad, killing the last two guardsmen. The Flayed Ones ripped apart all seven remaining members of the first Tactical Squad, then charged the Fire Support Squad before they could fire their weapons, and proceeded to kill all six of them without batting a mechanical eye. In the fight in the center, the veterans and tactical squad killed a handful of scarabs, losing one guardsman in return.

The Necrons continued to overrun the Imperial lines.

The scarabs that had just finished off the Anti-Tank Squad moved behind the ineffective Leman Russ and assaulted the Command HQ Squad, which until now had been dubiously safe in the rear. The Captain struck down one scarab with his sword, while the scarabs killed the Medic, Standard Bearer, and another guardsman. The Captain and his veteran Sergeant went back to back to go down fighting.

In the center, the veterans and Tactical Squad had been assisted by the Infantry Platoon’s Command Section, and with the force of all three squads, were finally able to wipe out the scarabs. But the situation was looking far from promising.

Turn 5
The Veterans and the Guardsmen advance on the Warriors

The Command Section, Tactical Squad, and Veterans, seeing the rest of the force getting annihilated behind them, decided to advance towards the region of least threat—right into a squad of Necron Warriors. The Tactical Squad’s flamer killed two Warriors, the Command Section’s meltagun vaporized another, and the fire from the rest felled two more Warriors.

Sensing that the Tomb Spyder was about to assault them, the Leman Russ’ crew opened up with its weapons. The Tomb Spyder’s scarabs intercepted most of the Heavy Bolter shells and the Lascannon shot, and the single Heavy Bolter shell that made it through to hit the Tomb Spyder bounced harmlessly off the Spyder’s carapace.

The Tactical Squad in the front lines, mastering their fear, assaulted the Necron Warriors in hand to hand combat. Fortune favored the bold, and then killed two of the Necrons with no losses, and the three remaining Necrons fell back. In the Captain’s battle with the Necrons, he suffered a wound from the scarabs, but finished off some more scarabs in return.

The Flayed Ones assaulted the last tactical squad in the Imperial Guard rear, killing four. The survivors could only watch as their comrades were killed.

Three of the Necron Warriors repaired themselves, and the six of them regrouped, consolidated their position, and opened fire on the tactical squad ahead of them, killing five of them with six shots, and the two survivors fell back. The Tomb Spyder attacked the Leman Russ, and its claws rocked the tank, stunning the crew. The Veteran Sergeant died defending his Captain, striking down a single scarab with his last effort. The Flayed Ones were proving to be unstoppable, and predictably they annihilated the last six members of the tactical squad before they could respond.

Turn 6
The veterans and the Command Section advanced on the Necron Warriors and the combined weight of their fire at extreme close range wiped out the six Warriors—and with no other Necrons nearby, none of them would be getting back up.

The Tomb Spyder punched through the Leman Russ’ thick front armor and destroyed it.

Fighting alone, surrounded by enemies, the Captain killed another scarab, only to find himself surrounded by Flayed Ones and killed before he could even gasp.

The Necron Lord and the Tomb Spyder were not about to let anyone get away, and so they assaulted the two falling back members of the Tactical Squad. The Tomb Spyder killed one guardsman, but the guardsman heroically parried all the blows that the Necron Lord delivered. The Sergeant attempted to attack the Tomb Spyder but failed to destroy it. Dodging the next attack, the Sergeant dashed away into the darkness. Later he would meet up with the platoon’s command section and the veteran’s squad, each of which had not suffered a casualty. But the rest of the platoon was totally destroyed…

The Necrons had plowed through the 1st Platoon without much difficulty, and the human survivors withdrew into the forest to evade the Necrons as they continued their advance unopposed.

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