Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Battle Report: Lanterns vs. Orks: Planetfall

A strike cruiser from the Lanterns chapter of the Adeptus Astartes arrived in orbit of Arcadia Prime, and waves of drop pods were launched.

Several pods were targetted for the center of the Ork forces, as the Marines moved in for a decapitation strike against some of the Ork leaders. If successful, they would severely degrade the Orks’ organization, and make the rest of the fighting against the rest of the Ork forces easier.

Scenario: Planetfall
Ork Forces: SGTOM
Space Marine Forces: Meliadus

The Forces
Ork ForcesPoints

Warboss with Bosspole, Shoota (Kustom Job: Shootier and More Dakka), Choppa85

Painboss with 'Eavy Armour, Dok's Tools, Bionik Arm, Bionik Bonce, and Cybork Body90

Stormboyz with Nob (9)167

Warbikes (3)90

Burna Boyz (10)114

Slugga Boyz (10)90

Slugga Boyz (10)90

Wartrak with Twin-Linked Big Shoota (3)138

Gretchin (20) and 1 Slaver69

Gretchin (20) and 1 Slaver69

Total Points:

Space Marine Forces (Lanterns)Points

Librarian with Smite91

Tactical Squad (10)156

Tactical Squad (10)156


Assault Squad (10)250

Devastator Squad (10)220

Total Points:

Turn 1

The Dreadnought and the Librarian face the Ork Horde 

Drop Pods from the Lanterns’ Strike Cruiser blasted through Arcadia Prime’s atmosphere and landed on target in the drop zone, near what their sensor readings indicated was the location of some of the Ork bosses. It turned out that the most of the force landed directly in front of the Orks bikers, who watched, stunned, as the pods opened up to disgorge their Space Marine contents. Then they revved their engines gleefully in anticipation of the fight ahead. The Dreadnought obliged them by firing its Plasma Cannon at the Wartraks dead ahead, destroying two of them. Fire from the other marines and the Librarian, aimed at the Warbikes, proved ineffective.

The Orks reacted quickly, with the Burna Boyz moving around some rocks to attack the Assault Marines in the flank. Thewarbikes and last wartrak drove on top of the hill to get a better line of fire, while simultaneously clearing the way for the Ork mobz to surge forward. The Painboss’ mob of Slugga Boyz charged the dreadnought, but their choppas failed to bash through its armor.

Turn 2
The Orks surround the Dreadnought

The Devastator Squad opened up on the Warbikes, now exposed on the top of the hill, destroying two of them. Tactical Squad 1 fired upon the Stormboyz, killing eight of them and leaving their Nob standing alone among their bodies. Tactical Squad 2, along with the Assault Squad, opened fire on the Burna Boyz, killing eight of them, and the two survivors fled.

The Librarian joined the combat with the Dreadnought against the Slugga Boyz, and killed two of them. The Painboss, however, immobilized the Dreadnought with his power klaw.

The Orks surged ahead, only to witness the Dreadnought smash the Painboss’ Cybork body to bitz with its power fist. The Dreadnought then exploded from the Tankbusta Bomz that the Stormboyz Nob slapped onto its back. The remaining Slugga Boyz then piled into the Librarian. In the meantime, the Warbike killed a single Marine from Tactical Squad 1.

Turn 3
The Devastators fired and killed 2 members of the Warboss' Slugga Boyz, while Tactical Squad 1 joined the Librarian in the assault, and together they killed 3 Slugga Boyz. The Slugga Boyz retreated, leaving the Stormboyz Nob to fight the marines alone.; The Slugga Boyz wounded the Librarian in response. The Assault Marines charged the Warboss and his bodyguard, killing six of them.

The Burna Boyz and the Slugga Boyz fell back away from the fight. The Gretchin mobs piled into the Warboss assault with the Assault Marines. The result was that one Assault Marine was killed, while 1 Slugga Boy and 13 Gretchin were killed. The Gretchin broke and fled the fight. The Librarian killed the Stormboyz Nob, and he and the marines consolidated their position.

Turn 4
The Assault Squad, mobbed by enemies

The Devastator Squad destroyed the last Wartrak, while Tactical Squad 2 shot and killed no less than 12 Gretchin who were falling back. The Librarian killed four more. In the assault, the Marines wiped out the gretchin, and killed another Slugga Boy.  The Orks killed four Assault Marines in reply, and then fell back.  As parting shots the Warbike killed one last Devastator, and the Warboss made his escape.


With the escape of the Warboss, the Lanterns’ mission was unsuccessful, and now they would have to fight their way out of a veritable horde of Orks.

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