Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Battle Report: Dark Eldar vs. Space Marines Sabotage

The Dark Eldar, in order to carry out their raids with greater freedom, decided that they needed to take out an Imperial outpost. Recognizing that, a detachment of Lantern Space Marines moved to defend it.

Scenario: Raid Sabotage
Dark Eldar Forces: Archite
Space Marine Forces: Meliadus
The Forces
Dark Eldar Raiding PartyPoints
Haemonculus (1)37
Raider Squad (5) with Raider 115
Raider Squad (5) with Raider 115
Raider Squad (5) with Raider115
Warriors with Sybarite (20)216
Warriors with Sybarite (19)208
Warriors with Sybarite (20)211
Scourges with Sybarite (5)171
Ravager 120
Hellions (4) 72
Reaver Jetbikes (4)120
Total Points:1500
Space Marine Forces (Lanterns)Points
Librarian with Smite91
Tactical Squad (10) 156
Tactical Squad (10)156
Assault Squad (10)250
Devastator Squad (10)220
Total Points:1003
Turn 1
The Raiders and jetbikes advance under cover
The Dark Eldar advanced, using the cover of many ruined buildings and trees to shield them from sight of the Space Marine defenders. The Raiders and the jetbikes boosted ahead rapidly, bringing the target within sight. Despite the attempts at stealth, the Raiders were just too large to not be spotted and the Space Marines raised the alarm and opened fire.

The Space Marine scouts fired first with their sniper rifles, but rounds were not penetrating enough and the Reaver jetbikes. It was a similar story with the Librarian, who used his psyker power Smite to no effect on the bikers. The Tactical Marines had better success. The combined firepower from three squads destroyed one Raider, killing three Wyches on board, while fire on the other Raider stunned the crew then sent it to the ground in a fiery wreck that killed three Wyches on board.

Turn 2
The Dark Eldar opened fire in return--the Ravager, Raider and Reaver Jetbikes all opened fire on the marines, but failed to score a single hit. Deciding that close combat must be the way to go, the Dark Eldar Wyches and Warpbeasts charged into combat. While the rest of the Marines were occupied, the Hellions and Jetbikes assaulted the objective, placing the demo charges into position. In the close combat, the Red Wyches killed 2 marines in Tactical Squad 1, which held its ground. The Librarian held off the attacks of a Warpbeast, but was unable to wound it in return. The Purple Wyches attacked Tactical Squad 2, lost two of their number, and fell back. The Green Wyches assaulted Tactical Squad 3 and killed four marines. The Marines fell back, and the Wyches consolidated into Tactical Squad 2.

The Dark Eldar engage the marines while the Hellions assault the objective
The Space Marine Dreadnought arrived on the battlefield, and desperately tried to purge the objective of Dark Eldar scum. The Dreadnought blasted a Reaver jetbike out of the sky with its assault cannon, and the sniper rifles of the scouts took out two more bikes. The surviving biker fell back.

The remnants of Tactical Squad 3 assaulted the Green Wyches who were now fighting Tactical Squad 2. The Wyches killed two marines to no losses of their own. The Librarian killed a pair of warpbeasts before he was swarmed under by the beasts and killed. Tactical squad 1 killed a wych in its combat, but also suffered a casualty in return.

Turn 3
The Hellions remained at the objective, and, as they were unmolested by the Space Marines, they were easily able to complete the setting of the charges. The explosion completely destroyed the objective, and by the time the smoke had cleared, the Dark Eldar forces had disappeared back into the wilderness.

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