Monday, January 14, 2008

Battle Report: Dark Eldar vs. Eldar Ambush

The Eldar forces continued to attempt evade all enemy forces while awaiting rescue by their space forces. Unfortunately for them, the Dark Eldar were salivating over the opportunity to ambush a small, isolated unit...

Scenario: Raid Ambush
Dark Eldar Forces:
Eldar Forces:
The Forces

Dark Eldar Raiding PartyPoints
Dracon with Drazhar and Incubi Retinue and Raider (7)358
Warriors with Sybarite (18)195
Warriors (10)100
Warriors (10)110
Warriors (10)110
Wyches with Succubus and Raider (9)214
Wyches with Succubus and Raider (10)238
Wyches with Succubus and Raider (9)214
Ravager (4 crew)105
Warp Beasts and Beastmaster (6)75
Reaver Jetbikes and Succubus (5)181
Total Points:1900

Eldar ForcePoints
Farseer with Guide and Eldritch Storm and Spirit Stones, Witchblade & Shuriken Pistol161
Fire Dragons with Exarch with Firepike and Tank Hunter (6)146
Howling Banshees with Exarch (5)117
Striking Scorpions with Exarch (10)217
Dire Avengers with Exarch (5)84
Guardian Defender Squad with Warlock with Conceal and Grav Platform (19)218
Guardian Storm Squad with Warlock with Enhance119
Rangers (5)95
Swooping Hawks with Exarch with Sustained Assault (10)257
Vyper Jetbike50
Dark Reapers with Exarch with Fast Shot (4)191
Fire Prism with Crystal Targetting Matrix145
Vibro-Cannon with Crew60
Total Points:1908
Turn 1

The Eldar advance through the valley
The Eldar marched through the valley in column, completely unaware of the Dark Eldar about to ambush them. The Dark Eldar sprung the trap. Several Raiders drove ahead to disembark their cargo in close proximity to the Eldar, while several squads of Dark Eldar warriors revealed themselves directly ahead of the Eldar path and along their flanks. The Dark Eldar warriors began the killing with a hail of splinter rifle fire, killing two Swooping Hawks, one Howling Banshee, one Guardian, one Dire Avenger, and the Dire Avenger Exarch. Dark Lance fire from the Ravager destroyed the Fire Prism's engines, causing it to crash and explode. Then the Dark Eldar charged into combat to begin the slaughter. On the left flank, the Incubi and Dark Eldar Lord assaulted the Striking Scorpions, killing 9 out of 10 while losing only one of their own. The Fire Dragons faced the Warp Beasts, only to lose the Exarch while felling a single beast. Squads of Wyches assaulted the Dire Avengers, Howling Banshees, Farseer and Guardians in the Eldar front. Two of the Banshees died along with three Guardians, and the Farseer was wounded. The Eldar fought back, and did not cause a single casualty. The Swooping Hawks, Howling Banshees, and a Guardian Squad all broke and began to fall back.

The Eldar desperately tried to react to the attack. The Vibrocannon promptly missed its target, while the Rangers fared better, dropping two Dark Eldar Warriors. The Swooping Hawks opened fire on the Reaver Jetbikes, killing three of them, while the Guardian Squad brought down the last two with Shuriken Catapult fire. The Vyper boosted ahead at full speed, desperately trying to escape while there was still time and get reinforcements.

The Incubi plow into the Striking Scorpions
The assaults continued. Warp Beasts engaged and wiped out the Dark Reapers without batting an eye, and consolidated into the Vibro Cannon crew. The Incubi finished off the Striking Scorpions and then wiped out the Fire Dragons. They then consolidated into the Rangers and the Howling Banshees. The Wyches surrounded the chopped down the Farseer easily. The Guardian Storm Squad suffered four casualties while delivering none to the Wyches.

Turn 2
Things would only be going from bad to worse for the Eldar. The Vyper, boosting at full speed, was shot down by a Raider. In its fiery crash it killed three of the Eldar Rangers. More Dark Eldar fire killed a Howling Banshee, three Swooping Hawks, one Guardian Defender, three Storm Guardians, and three Dire Avengers. In the assault the Incubi killed the two remaining Rangers. The Howling Banshees managed to take down a single Incubi before they were wiped out. The Warp Beasts killed both of the Vibro Cannon crew.

The Swooping Hawks killed an Incubi, wounded Draz'har, and wounded the Dark Eldar Lord. The Guardian Defenders closed the range and opened fire with their Shuriken Catapults, wiping out the rest of the Incubi, and also killing the Dark Eldar Lord. In the assault, the Guardians surrounded and killed Draz'har, but suffered four casulties in response. The Storm Guardians' Warlock was killed in assault with the Wyches.

Turn 3

The last Eldar survivor is surrounded and killed
The Dark Eldar opened fire again, killing all the Guardian Defenders except their Warlock, and wiping out the Swooping Hawks. The Warlock was now the sole survivor, and he was quickly surrounded by Wyches and ripped to pieces.

The Eldar Force had been completely annihilated with deadly efficiency. The other Eldar forces had their own problems evading enemies--would this force even be missed?

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