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Battle Report: The Dark Eldar Raids, Part 2

As the Orks rampaged across Arcadia and large forces of Orks and Imperial Arcadian Forces gathered to fight each other, the Dark Eldar took advantage of the confusion to attack the armies of both sides, looking to find more victims.

Scenario: Raid Ambush
Ork Forces: Meliadus
Dark Eldar Forces: Archite

The Forces
Ork Forces

Warboss with Bosspole, Shoota (Kustom Job: Shootier
and More Dakka
), Choppa

Stormboyz with Nob (8)131

Slugga Boyz (10)90

Shoota Boyz (13)104

Slugga Boyz (10)90

Gretchin (14) and 1 Slaver51

Burna Boyz (5)69

Wartrak with Twin-Linked Big Shoota (2)92

Total Points:700

Dark Eldar Raiding
Party (Wych Cult)


Wych Dracite with Gruesome Talisman47

Warriors (10)100

Warriors (10)100

Wyches (5)75

Wyches (6)88

Reaver Jetbikes (3)95

Warp Beasts (5) with Beastmaster75

Scourges (5)120

Total Points:700

Turn 1
The Ork column was headed by the Gretchin, just in case there were any mines in the way. Behind the Gretchin came the Warboss his retinue of Slugga Boyz. Behind them came the Burna Boyz, Wartraks, Stormboyz, Shoota Boyz, and more Slugga Boyz.

The Dark Eldar then sprung their trap.Ahead, just over the hill, a unit of Wyches approached the head of the column. On the column’s left flank appeared three Reaver Jetbikes, while on the right appeared a unit of Dark Eldar Warriors. While the Wyches and jetbikes advanced, the Warriors opened fire with their splinter weapons, killing seven Gretchin. The Jetbikes opened fire on the Burna Boyz, killing one of them.

In response, the Gretchin climbed the hill, and the Burna Boyz advanced on the jetbikes. The rest of the Orks advanced rapidly, spreading out the meet the threat.

The Gretchin fired their Blastas at the Wyches, killing two of them. The two Wartraks killed three Dark Eldar Warriors with Big Shoota fire, and the Burna Boyz hosed the jetbikes with flaming liquid, killing all three of them.

Turn 2

The Great Battle for the hill is about to begin

The Dark Eldar Dracite arrived on the field on the Ork right flank, near the head of the column. The Wyches advanced on the Gretchin, firing their weapons. The Shredder killed three Gretchin, while their pistols killed one more. The Grots then ran for cover, and before the Slaver could as much as blink, the Wyches were on him, tearing him to pieces. The Warriors on the Ork right flank opened up again, this time killing six Slugga Boyz. The unit panicked and fell back, but proceeded to mob up with the Shoota Boyz behind them.

The Orks continued their advance, and the Wartraks killed another pair of Dark Eldar Warriors. The Stormboyz leapt up onto the hill with their jump packs, and assaulted the Wyches. Four Stormboyz were killed in the exchange, but two Wyches were killed in return.

Turn 3

Even more Orks arrive at the scene of the crime

More Dark Eldar arrived on the battlefield, in the form of a unit of Warriors on the left flank, and a unit of Warp Beasts and Wyches on the right flank. The Warrior unit on the right flank opened up on the Wartraks with their Splinter Cannons, shaking the crew of one, while destroying the Big Shoota on the other. The newly arrived Warriors on the left flank opened fire and killed two
of the Burna Boyz. The Warp Beasts assaulted the Shoota Boyz, killing one of them, but the Shoota Boyz lashed back with a vengeance, killing three of the Warp Beasts.

The Beastmaster reined in his Warp Beasts and fell back to reconsider the
attack. The Dracite assaulted into the Stormboyz on the hill, but caused no casualties, and the combat was a draw. The Wartraks gunned their engines, hoping to escape the battlefield while they still could. The rearmost unit of the Orks, a mob of ten Slugga Boyz, advanced on the newly arrived Warriors, killing one of them with their Sluggas.
The Shoota Boyz, now mobbed up with the Warboss and four Slugga Boyz, charged up the hill and into the Wyches. The only injury in the swirling melee was a single wound on the Stormboyz’ Nob. The remaining Orks piled in, creating a maelstrom of carnage atop the hill.

Turn 4
The Warriors on the Ork left flank opened fire on the Slugga Boyz, killing six of them, but the four survivors continued to advance. The Warriors on the Ork right fired upon the speeding Wartraks, stunning the crew of one, and destroying the Big Shoota on the other. The Wyches that recently arrived used then their shredder, immobilizing one of the Wartraks.

The fight for the hill becomes total carnage!

The newly rallied Warp Beasts charged back into the melee, this time on the hill, while the recently arrived Wyches did the same. The combat was a mass of screaming Dark Eldar and roaring Orks. Four Shoota Boyz were killed, while two Wyches died, wiping out one of the units, and the Dracite suffered a wound. The Stormboyz fell back from the fight to regroup and give it another go. The Burna Boyz began to climb the hill to join the fight, and with the Stormboyz they charged into the assault. The melee continued, with three Shoota Boyz, one Slugga Boy, and three Stormboyz getting killed, but not before killing one Wych, the Beastmaster, and the Dracite. The Burna Boyz began to fall back from the fight.

On the left flank, the Slugga Boyz assaulted the Warrior unit. One Ork was killed, while the Slugga Boyz killed two of the Dark Eldar in return.

Turn 5
The Dark Eldar Scourges arrived, deep striking behind the Orks. They immediately fired at the falling back Burna Boyz, killing them both. On the far left, the fight between the Slugga Boyz and the Warriors continued, with a single Slugga Boy getting clubbed down, leaving only two left.

In the center of the battlefield, atop the hill where both sides had suffered many casualties, the carnage continued, but this time it was decisive. Four Wyches and one Warp Beast died, leaving the Orks to victoriously run down the hill’s slopes and
kill the last Warp Beast who fled.

The Orks wipe out the Warriors in their way

The one still mobile Wartrak gunned its engines and escaped off the battlefield, while the rest of the Orks advanced toward the only Dark Eldar in their way, the Warrior unit on the right flank. The Orks assaulted them, killing all five warriors. In the other combat on the other side of the battlefield, the two Slugga Boyz cut down four of the Dark Eldar Warriors, leaving only three survivors.

Turn 6
The Scourges advanced, trying to catch up to the main Ork mob, now making its way closer to their escape route. Their Splinter Cannons, barely in range, managed to killed one Shoota Boy and one Slugga Boy. Inthe other combat, the two Slugga Boyz killed all three of their Dark Eldar opponents, and proceeded on their way to the escape route. With that, the battle was over...

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