Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Battle Report: Orks vs. Lanterns Breakout

After failing to eliminate all the Ork HQ units during their Planetfall attack, the Space Marine Drop Force found itself surrounded by Orks, who were eager to wipe out the humies.

Scenario: Breakthrough Breakout
Space Marine Forces: Meliadus
Ork Forces: Badelaire and The D
The Forces
Space Marine Forces (Lanterns)Points

Librarian with Smite90

Tactical Squad (10) with Rhino199


Tactical Squad (10) with Rhino199

Dreadnought 130

Assault Squad (10) 300

Bike Squad with Attack Bike (4)155

Land Speeder50

Total Points:1199
Ork ForcesPoints

Warboss with Bosspole, Shoota (Kustom Job: Shootier and More Dakka), 'Uge Choppa 80

Painboss with 'Eavy Armour, Dok's Tools, Bionik Arm, Bionik Bonce, and Cybork Body90

Stormboyz with Nob (9) 146

Shoota Boyz (13)104

Burna Boyz (5)69

Slugga Boyz (10) 90

Trukk Boyz (10)128

Wartraks (3) 138

Warbikes (3)90

Gretchin (20) and 1 Slaver69

Gretchin (20) and 1 Slaver69

Gobsmasha (Custom Vehicle) 128

Total Points:1241
Turn 1
The Lanterns prepare to speed through the Ork net
The Lanterns formed up their force and prepared to smash a hole in the Ork net. The entire Space Marine force began the battle mounted, except for the Assault Marines and the Dreadnought, who were themselves their own conveyance. All of the Space Marines gunned their engines and sped off northeast. The bikers opened fire first on their Ork counterpart warbikers. Heavy bolter shots from the Landspeeder supported the fusillade, and two of the bikes were destroyed, leaving but one left.

The Orks advanced, those to the west at top speed, while those on the the eastern flank converged on the Space Marines heading their way. The Wartraks fired their big shootas at the Assault Marines, killing one of the armored warriors. The last warbike fired on the nearest Rhino, but failed to damage it in any way. The Warboss and his Slugga Boyz then opened fire on the Space Marines bikes, but in typical Ork fashion they only one shot hit, and that one failed to damage anything. The Grots opened fire on the Bikes, and while they scored several hits, none managed to damage. From far across the battlefield, the Gobsmasha on the western Ork force opened fire with its Kannon, and hit the Dreadnought in the rear, shaking up the pilot.

Turn 2
The Western contingent of the Ork Forces is nearly left out of the battle

The Lanterns plowed ahead. The Librarian's Rhino tank shocked the Warboss and his Sluggas, who wisely got out of the Rhino's way. The Assault Squad jumped to the top of the hill, while the Dreadnought lumbered up behind them. The Landspeeder and bikes sped up the left flank. The Commander's Rhino plowed ahead, through the Gretchin, who dove for cover.

The Space Marine Bikes fired at the Warboss' Slugga Boyz, killing four. The Librarian's Squad disembarked the Rhino and fired on the Orks, killing three more. The Librarian attempted to cast Smite on them to do even more damage, but failed to summon the mental strength for the task. The Assault Marines fired and missed, being at the extreme limits of their range.

The Librarian, his squad, the bikes charged the Ork Warboss and his Slugga Boyz. The Librarian swung his power sword in massive arcs, and promptly hit nothing at all. The Marines killed another Ork. The Marines concentrated their attacks on the Warboss, who fell under the weight of the blows. The surviving Orks fled, and the Marines consolidated.

The Warbike moved back towards the landspeeder, while the Stormboyz moved toward the Librarian's Squad. The Western Orks ran ahead as fast as their stunted legs would allow them. The Wartraks moved into position and opened fire again on the Assault Marines, killing another one of them. The Ork Slaver, being the only one who could damage the Commander Rhino from behind, fired at it and missed. The Warbike fired on the Landspeeder, but failed to damage it.

The Librarian and the bikes wipe out the Ork Warboss' Slugga Boyz
The Stormboyz charged the Librarian and his squad, shouting Waaagh! the whole way. The Nob struck down two Marines, but the rest of the Stormboyz did not live up to his example and caused no further casualties. The Marines killed no one in return, and the Orks piled in, bogging down the Marines.

Turn 3
The Landspeeder, the Space Marine bikes, and the Commander's Rhino escaped, achieving the Space Marines goal of getting half of their forces safely away. But the battle was not quite over yet. The Trukk Boyz had been closing fast, but the Dreadnought put a stop to the Trukk by detonating its engine with its Plasma Cannon. The Trukk Boyz were ready for this, however, and all jumped off without injury.

The Librarian and his Tactical Squad attacked the Stormboyz, the Librarian killing one while the Marines killed two more. The Orks managed to kill one more Marine in return.

The Warbike fired at the Assault Marines, killing one of them. The Wartraks fired at the Librarian's Rhino, shaking up the crew. The Trukk Boyz then charged the Librarian and his Tactical Squad, screaming Waaagh! The Librarian cut down three of the Orks before the Orks could reply. The Slugga Boyz killed one Marine, and then the Stormboyz killed three more, and piled in.

The damage was done however, and the Space Marines had for the most part escaped. What would happen next is that while the Orks would kill a few more Marines, the rest of the Marines would all escape the battlefield to fight another day.


cloudy said...

So the Lib's squad disembarked, rapid fired, then charged? I don't get it.

Darkwing said...

This battle was using the 3rd edition rules, where I believe you could move 6", fire rapid fire weapons once, and then charge.