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Battle Report: Necrons vs. Imperial Guard Strongpoint

Advancing unchecked, the Necron forces continued to move across the expanses of Arcadia Secundus. Now a Imperial Guard outpost apparently was in their path. Manning the post was C Company, 1st Battalion of the 4th Infantry Regiment. The Necrons did not alter their path to go around the obstacle--rather, they would go through it...

Scenario: Raid Strongpoint
Necron Forces: Badelaire
Imperial Guard Forces: Darkwing
The Forces
Necron ForcesPoints
Necron Lord with Staff of Light, Nightmare Shroud and Resurrection Orb170
Necron Warriors (12)216
Necron Warriors (12)216
Flayed Ones (10)180
Scarab Swarms (9)108
Scarab Swarms with Disruption Field (5)80
Destroyers (3)150
Heavy Destroyers (2)65
Total Points:1250
Imperial Guard Forces (C Company, 1st Battaltion, 4th Infantry Regiment)Points
Command Platoon (5) with 1 Fire Support Squad (6) and 1 Anti-Tank Squad (6)325
Hardened Veterans (10)187
1st Infantry Platoon with 2 Infantry Squads (25)202
2nd Infantry Platoon with 2 Infantry Squads (25)184
3rd Infantry Platoon with 2 Infantry Squads (25)184
Leman Russ Battle Tank 165
Total Points:1247
The Imperial Guard Position
Turn 1
The Necrons opted not to be stealthy, bringing on all their forces immediately, getting spotted by the defenders. The Imperial Guard had arrayed their company on three fronts--the 1st Platoon on the right, the 2nd in the center, and the 3rd on the left. The Fire Support Squad held the front left bunker, while the Anti-Tank Squad held the front right bunker. The Leman Russ anchored the center rear of the Imperial Guard strongpoint. Bursting from cover, the infiltrating Flayed ones appeared directly in front of the 1st Platoon on the right flank already well within striking distance.

Already within range, the Necron forces opened fire. The Necron Warriors opened fire at the left bunker, but did not damage it. The Destroyers fired upon a squad in the 2nd platoon, which was holding the center, and killed five of them. The Heavy Destroyers opened fire on the left bunker, stunning the occupants inside and rendering them ineffective.
The Flayed Ones assault the 1st Platoon
The Flayed Ones assaulted a squad and the command section from the 1st Platoon, killing 10 guardsmen, while suffering no casualties. The sergeant of the Infantry squad fled, and the Flayed Ones piled into the command section.

In response, the Imperial Guard on the right flank moved to attempt to overwhelm the Flayed Ones. Unable to fire at them for fear of hitting their comrades in close combat, they charged into combat instead, charging with two infantry squads, 2nd Platoon's command section, and the Command HQ unit led by the Captain.
The Anti-Tank squad missed with both lascannon, but the missile launcher scored a hit and destroyed one of the Destroyers. On the left flank, the 3rd platoon opened fire on a mass of scarabs heading rapidly their way--the Leman Russ added its battlecannon to the volley as well. When the smoke cleared, four out nine of the scarab bases were destroyed.

On the right, the Imperial Guard swarmed the Flayed Ones. Despite a barrage of 49 attacks, only one Flayed One was dropped, while the Flayed Ones killed 8 Guardsmen in return. All the involved units held their ground to continue the fight.
Guardsmen swarm the Flayed Ones
Turn 2
The scarabs on the left flank continued their advance on the third platoon. The Destroyers fired upon the right bunker, damaging it. The Heavy Destroyers fired at the left bunker, collapsing it, but all inside survived the collapse. The collapse of this bunker, however, left the Fire Support Squad without protection, and the Warriors opened fire, killing four of them.

The scarabs then swarmed into the assault, attacking the Fire Support Squad in the front, and the 3rd Platoon on the left flank. The scarabs killed one of the two remaining members of the Fire Support Squad, and 2 men from the 3rd Platoon. In response the 3rd Platoon managed to bring down a base of scarabs. The Flayed Ones suffered two casualties, but brought down seven Guardsmen in return.

The 3rd Platoon's Command Section moved to aid their comrades vs. the Flayed Ones, jumping into the fray. The five survivors from a squad from the 2nd Platoon moved in to assist the last survivor of the Fire Support Squad against the scarabs. The Leman Russ opened fire on the Necron Warriors near the Necron Lord, and its battlecannon shot killed two warriors, who promptly got back up, thanks to the Necron Lord's Resurrection Orb. The Anti-Tank Squad brought down a Heavy Destroyer with a Lascannon shot. In the fight against the the Flayed Ones, the newly arrived squad made little difference except to provide more bodies to kill. Two more guardsmen fell, while one Flayed One dropped.

In the battle of the 3rd platoon vs. the scarabs, a few scarab bases were wounded, but none were destroyed, and three guardsmen were killed.
Scarabs attack the 3rd Platoon
Turn 3
On the right flank, two of the three Flayed Ones repaired themselves and got back up, bringing the Flayed Ones up back up to 8. The Heavy Destroyer felled by a lascannon shot also managed to repair itself. The Heavy Destroyers moved against the Imperial Guard left flank, allowing themselves a shot against the Leman Russ. The Necron Warriors , facing off against the Imperial Guard center, began to advance. The Heavy Destroyers opened fire on the Leman Russ, and both hit, but neither shot managed to penetrate the tank's thick armor. The Destroyers opposite the right bunker fired on it, collapsing it, killing one of the six guardsmen inside.

The 3rd platoon managed to kill another scarab base in close combat, while the 2nd platoon squad and the Fire Support Squad killed another base, while losing another guardsmen. In the battle versus the Flayed Ones, the Flayed Ones killed another seven guardsmen while suffering no losses. The Command HQ squad fled the combat, and the battlefield, leaving the rest of the squads to their fates.
The Leman Russ gets one last shot off on the Flayed Ones
The Anti-Tank Squad fired on the Destroyers, but all missed. The Hardened Veterans Squad finally arrived, and tried to salvage something, and their grenade launchers brought down a Heavy Destroyer. The Leman Russ fired on the last Heavy Destroyer with its lascannon and heavy bolters, and destroyed it. Out of range of other necrons, both Heavy Destroyers phased out.

The 3rd platoon suffered 1 more casualty, but killed another scarab base in return. The 2nd platoon's guardsmen wounded another scarab base, but was then wiped out by them. In the carnage versus the Flayed Ones, five more guardsmen died, and the three survivors all fled. The Flayed Ones ignored them, instead turning their attention to the Anti-Tank Squad.

Turn 4
The Flayed Ones moved to attack the Anti-Tank Squad, while the scarabs moved to swarm the Leman Russ and potentially destroy it with their Disruption Fields. The Necron Warriors opened fire on the Anti-Tank Squad, killing one of them, and then the Flayed Ones descended upon them, wiping them out.

The scarabs swarmed over the Leman Russ, destroying its tracks and immobilizing it. The Leman Russ got one last shot off with its battlecannon, killing three of the Flayed Ones. Then the scarabs continued their attack and destroyed the battlecannon, and also shook up the crew inside.
The cruel hand of fate...
On the left flank, the 3rd platoon finally wiped out the scarabs. The Hardened Veterans fired their missile launcher at a distant destroyer, knocking it out of the sky.

Aside from losing some scarabs and the Heavy Destroyers, the Necron force was largely intact, while the C Company was in tatters. The surviving lieutenant called a retreat, and the survivors fled the field. The Necrons did not even pause to savor their victory--they just marched on.

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