Monday, December 10, 2007

Battle Report: The Second Battle of Arcadia Prime, Lagrange-5 Sector

After spending several months building ships at a frantic pace at its hidden shipyards located in the Arcadia System's Asteroid Belt, the Arcadian Navy launched a massive attack of the Eldar Forces in orbit about Arcadia Prime. The Arcadian Fleet would hit the Eldar in several places, including their forces located near the Lagrange-5 point of Arcadia Prime.

Imperial Forces: Darkwing
Eldar Forces: Tyrant

The Fleets
Imperial Arcadian Forces (Task Force 42) (w/Admiral 100pts)
Emperor Class Battleship (BB-1 Vengeance)345
Gothic Class Cruiser (CA-24 Altair)180
Lunar Class Cruiser (CA-25 Aldebaran)180
Tyrant Class Cruiser (CA-23 Hadar)185
3 Sword Class Frigates (FF-92 Metis, FF-93 Adrastea, FF-94 Amalthea)105
3 Sword Class Frigates (FF-104 Ananke, FF-105 Carme, FF-106 Pasiphae)105
2 Firestorm Class Frigates (FFL-21 Cetus, FFL-22 Chamaeleon)120
4 Cobra Class Destroyers (DDG-30 Urania, DDG-31 Euphrosyne, DDG-32 Pomona, DDG-33 Polyhymnia)120
4 Cobra Class Destroyers (DDG-34 Circe, DDG-35 Leukothea, DDG-36 Atalante, DDG-37 Fides)120
Total Points:1520

Eldar Pirate Forces (w/Pirate Prince 150pts)
Eclipse Class Cruiser250
Shadow Class Cruiser210
3 Aconite Class Frigates195
3 Aconite Class Frigates195
2 Hellebore Class Frigates150
3 Hemlock Class Destroyers120
3 Nightshade Class Destroyers120
3 Nightshade Class Destroyers120
Total Points:1510

The Arcadian Fleet flies to battleTurn 1
As per their usual pattern, the Eldar forces had split to engage the Arcadian fleet from two directions. Rather than engage them separately, the Arcadian fleet advanced towards the Eldar left flank, which was dominated by the Eldar Eclipse Class Cruiser. The Arcadian vessels fired a massive barrage of torpedoes towards the Eldar ships, while the Vengeance launched waves of fighters and bombers. The Eclipse launched its own fighters, which proceeded forward to take out many of the incoming torpedoes, but not all, as a barrage slammed into the squadron of Nightshade Class Destroyers, killing three of them.
The Arcadian Fleet closes with the Eldar left flankTurn 2
The Arcadians pressed the attack. The Altair fired its broadside of lances, destroying one Hemlock, while the Vengeance's dorsal batteries destroyed another. The Vengeance then launched another wave of bombers in the hopes of overwhelming the Eldar fighter squadrons with sheer weight of numbers. Fighters from the Vengeance began to engage the Eldar fighters. A salvo of Eldar torpedoes, barely missed the Hadar, and then were shot down by the turrets on the Firestorm Class Frigates Cetus and Chamaeleon.
All the Eldar ships closed in for battle, engaging the Arcadian ships head on. The Eclipse launched several squadrons of bombers. A squadron of Aconites opened up on the Sword Class Frigates ahead of them, and succeeded in destroying the Amalthea. Nearby the Hellebores destroyed Cobra Class Destroyer Urania. On the Eldar right flank, fire from a squadron of Aconites and the Shadow Class Cruiser destroyed the Circe and Leukothea. A torpedo salvo from the Nightshades crippled the Hadar and started fires on the Aldebaran, while Eldar bombers made their attack runs on the Altair, damaging her maneuvering thrusters. The Arcadian bomber squadrons closed on the Eldar vessels, while one squadron attacked and destroyed an Aconite Frigate. The Eldar ships then opened up the distance.
The Battle RagesTurn 3
Unable to maneuver quickly enough, the Vengeance plowed directly into the path of a massive salvo of torpedoes, and suffered several direct hits as a consequence. The Cobra Class Destroyers Atalante and Fides closed with the Eclipse and fired, damaging the Eclipse's mainsail. The other squadron of Cobras destroyed one Aconite, while the Sword Class Frigates destroyed the other in that squadron. The other squadron of Swords destroyed a Hemlock.
Once again the Eldar ships closed to attack the Arcadian vessels at close range. The Hellebores fired at the two Cobra destroyers ahead of them, killing the Fides, while the Eclipse fired its prow pulsar at the Swords, destroying the Ananke. Multiple torpedoes blasted their way through the Arcadian fleet, destroying the Firestorms Cetus and Chamaeleon, and the Swords Carme and Pasiphae.

Finally the Arcadian bomber squadrons reached their targets. One Aconite, one Nightshade, and 2 Hellebores fell to the bombing runs, and the Eclipse suffered several hits the breached her hull, reducing her to a drifting hulk.
The Hadar's warp drive implodesTurn 4
The Arcadian ships closed in for the kill. The Cobras and Sword destroyed the last two Aconites, while the Shadow Class Cruiser drove in very close to the Arcadian ships, apparently on a suicide run. The Shadow weathered hits from a bomber run as well as fire from the Vengeance's batteries, and unleashed a close range blast from its prow batteries on the Tyrant Class Cruiser Hadar. The onslaught of fire caused the Hadar's warp drives to implode, causing an explosion that consumed the Hadar and the nearby Sword Frigates Metis and Adrastea. Torpedoes from the remaining Nightshades destroyed the Cobras Euphrosyne and Pomona, while one of the Nightshades was destroyed by Arcadian bombers.
Turn 5
As the Shadow attempted to slip aft of the Vengeance, passing close aboard, the Vengeance launched a large wave of bombers at the Shadow, which swarmed the Eldar cruiser and quickly reduced it to a drifting hulk. The last surviving Eldar vessel, a Nightshade Class Destroyer, proceeded to disengage and fled the battle area.

January 1, 2003


Nocturus said...

Once again I love the BFG battles. You need to do some new ones with the formating of your newer battle reps.


Darkwing said...

Working on it. :) We've got at least one new BFG battle planned for the near future, so you'll get your wish. In it, the Tau Fleet will make its debut.