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Battle Report: The Raid on Arcadia Secundus, Part 3

The Necrons continued to pour out of the portal onto Arcadia Secundus. The Eldar mounted an attack force on the Necrons in the hopes of stopping them before they emerged onto Arcadia Secundus in force.

Scenario: Standard Mission Recon
Eldar Forces: Darkwing
Necron Forces: Badelaire

Necron ForcesPoints

Necron Lord with Destroyer Body, Resurrection Orb, and Gaze of Flame185

Destroyers (3)150

Warriors (10)180

Warriors (10)180

Scarabs (4)48

Scarabs (4)48

Total Points:791

Eldar Force Points

Farseer Athuiel with Guide and Mind War and Witchblade & Shuriken Pistol101

Fire Dragons with Exarch with Firepike (6)131

Howling Banshees (5)80

Guardian Defender Squad (14) with Warlock with Conceal and Singing Spear162

Rangers (5)95

Dark Reapers (3)111

Fire Prism115

Total Points:795

Turn 1

The Eldar advance

The Eldar force massed on the left, with the Rangers in the trees guarding their right flank, the Fire Prism in support. The Necrons were more spread out, with a unit of Warriors on either flank, the swarms of scarabs in the center, with the Lord and the Destroyers taking up the rear. The majority of the Eldar force advanced toward the Necron right flank, heading towards the unit of Warriors opposing them. Farseer Athuiel cast Guide on the Dark Reapers, who then fired upon the Warriors. Four of the Warriors were destroyed by the Eldar Reaper Launchers, but three of them promptly repaired themselves and got back up.

The Necrons moved forward, the scarabs moving through the trees to close in on the Eldar. The Destroyers circled to the right to support the Warriors on their right flank. The Destroyers and the Warriors then opened fire on the Guardian Defenders, killing seven of them.

Determined to keep fighting, they held their ground.

Turn 2

The Guardians advance toward the Necron lines

The Eldar continued their advance on the left, with the Fire Prism moving up in support. The Warlock cast Conceal on the Guardians. The Rangers and Dark Reapers both opened fire on the Destroyers, felling two of them, but cursed in frustration as both Destroyers then proceeded to repair themselves. The rest of the Eldar advanced on the unit of Necron Warriors ahead of them, and then unleashed a hail of shurikens from the Guardians, and fusion blasts from the Fire Dragons. Eight of the nine Necron Warriors fell to the barrage, and the Howling Banshees charged in and cut down the last survivor. Without any other Warriors nearby, all the Warriors vanished from the battlefield.

The Necron right flank was dangerously weak now, with the Eldar dominating that side of the field. The Destroyers broke cover and advanced, firing their Gauss cannons at the Howling Banshees, killing two of them. The Scarabs continued to move forward, making good use of cover, and then burst out of the trees, one swarm assaulting the Fire Dragons, the other assaulting the Rangers. The Fire Dragon Exarch swatted down one scarab, but two of the Aspect Warriors were killed, and they broke and fled. The Scarabs ran them down, killing them all. The Rangers fared little better, losing four of their number to the Scarabs while only wounding one in return. The survivor fell back from the onslaught. The Eldar might have overwhelmed the Necron right flank, but they had now lost the center of the battlefield to the Necrons.

Turn 3

The Necrons' implacable advance

The Guardians moved down from the crest of the hill to take up good positions to fire on the Scarabs that had just destroyed the Fire Dragons. The Howling Banshees moved up in support, also trying to get out of sight of the Destroyers. The Fire Prism moved up onto the hill, lining up the Destroyers in the crosshairs of the Prism Cannon.

The Eldar then open up massed firepower on the Scarab swarm. Reaper missiles, shurikens, and a Singing Spear soared through the air, annihilating the Scarabs completely. The Fire Prism fired on the Destroyers, targetting two of them, but only managing to hit one of them.

It damaged that one sufficiently, however, that the Destroyers crashed to the
ground, and it was unable to repair itself. The Necrons continued their advance, with the Warriors on their left flank still far out of range of any enemy. The Destroyers moved further to the right, lining up the Howling Banshees. Their shots killed the remaining three Aspect Warriors. The Scarab swarm that had killed the Rangers now moved forward and assaulted the Dark Reapers in the woods. The Dark Reapers fought fiercely, however, killing one of the Scarabs bases and suffering no casualties.

Turn 4
Farseer Athuiel moved to help out the Dark Reapers. The Fire Prism backed up so that it would be in ranger of another Guide from Farseer Athuiel, who duly cast it. The Prism Cannon then fired and killed another Destroyer, which was so damaged it could not repair itself. The Warlock cast Conceal on the Guardians again, and they continued to move into the trees in the center, hoping to get out of sight of their enemies. The Dark Reapers suffered two casualties from the Scarabs in the woods, but they managed to wound another Scarab base in the process. Farseer Athuiel ran into the combat, and killed a Scarab base with sweeps of his Witchblade.

The surviving Destroyer lined up the Guardians from behind, staying far on the right flank, while the Destroyer Lord advanced upon them from the front. Both opened fire, and four Guardian Defenders died. This proved two much for the Warlock and three survivors, who began to fall back.

In the assault the Dark Reaper and Farseer Athuiel wounded another Scarab base.

Turn 5
The Eldar had already lost the center, and now it looked like they were going to lose the left flank as well. The Guardians fell back, and the Fire Prism moved to their aid, but the Prism Cannon missed the Destroyer Lord. In the assault the Dark Reaper and Farseer continued to kills Scarabs, but there seemed to be an inexhaustible supply of them.

The Destroyer Lord moved ahead, following the Guardians. The last Destroyer shot one of the Guardians, and the Destroyer Lord then assaulted them. The Warlock lashed out with his Singing Spear, wounding the Lord once, but then the Lord struck him down with his Staff of Light. The Guardians fled, and the Destroyer Lord chased them down and killed them both. Farseer Athuiel finally struck down the last Scarabs.

Turn 6

Farseer Athuiel takes on the Necron Lord

The Fire Prism, seeing the opening in the Necron lines, gunned its engines forward and took up a position in the Necron rear. The Dark Reaper fired upon the last Destroyer, but missed. The Destroyed fired back and killed the Dark Reaper. Farseer Athuiel then deliberately advanced on the Destroyer Lord. He cast Mind War on the Necron, wounding it but not destroying it. He then hefted his Witchblade and charged the machine. The Lord raised his staff to fend off the blow, but Athuiel's Witchblade sliced right through it, cutting the Destroyer Lord in half.

The Destroyer Lord twitched as it desperately tried to repair itself, and the Farseer walked casually through the wreckage as it phased out. The Necron Warriors on the left flank opened fire with their Gauss rifles, wounding the Farseer, but Athuiel turned and ran into cover, evading them.

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