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Battle Report: The Raid on Arcadia Secundus, Part 2

A small Eldar scouting force searches the wilderness on Arcadia Secundus for the artifact. They find it, but the artifact is nothing less than a Necron portal, and the Eldar proximity activates it. Necrons begins materializing next to the portal, and the Eldar fight for their survival until a rescue force can extract them.

Eldar Forces: Meliadus
Necron Forces: Badelaire

Special Rules
Deployment: The portal is placed in the center of the table. The Eldar are deployed first, anywhere within 18" of the portal. Then the Necrons are deployed, anywhere within 6" or the portal. The Eldar get the first turn.

Objectives: The Necrons must kill all the Eldar. The Eldar must have at least one model alive at the end of the game.
Game Length: Variable

Special Rules: Any Necron the fails its "We'll be back" roll will become a "Reserve", and each turn the Necron player will make a Reserve roll for each dead Necron. (The turn after it dies, it needs a 4+ to return, 2nd turn after it died, a 3+, and thereafter a 2+) Any Necrons that arrive will be placed within 2" of the portal. All Necrons arriving in a given turn will be considered a "unit" for purposes of coherency, etc. All Necrons arriving in a subsequent turn are considered to be a different unit from any Necrons that arrived in a previous turn. If their numbers are reduced to 25% or below, the Necrons will NOT "Phase Out". Any Eldar who fall back to a table edge will there automatically regroup.

The Forces
Total Points:
Necron Forces
Necron Warriors (12)216
Scarabs (3)36

Eldar Force
Guardian Defender Squad (8) with 1 Warlock113
5 Howling Banshees80
Guardian Defender Squad (8)64
Rangers (5)95
Total Points:352

Turn 1
The Eldar Guardians opened fire on the Scarabs approaching their positions, and massed shuriken fire killed two Scarab bases. The survivor moved to attack the Rangers, and assaulted their positions, killing two of them. The rest of the Eldar fire was ineffective. The Howling Banshees advanced on the Necron Warriors and assaulted them in close combat. They cut down one Necron Warrior with their power swords, but suffered no less than 3 casualties in return.
The Howling Banshees charge into almost certain deathTurn 2
The Eldar Rangers found themselves in a fight for their lives against the scarabs, and for every one they felled, they suffered a casualty in return. The Howling Banshees took down another Necron Warrior, but were wiped out in response. Two more Necrons materialized next to the portal and their fire combined with the fire from the other Necron Warrior unit killed no less than seven Guardians taking cover in the woods.
Turn 3
The Eldar forces began to fall back, while the last surviving Ranger fought to a draw against the scarabs. Another Guardian died from Necron fire as the Necrons began their implacable advance.
Turns 4 - 8
The Eldar continued to retreat, and the last Ranger managed to finish off the scarabs, only to be himself killed when two Necron Warriors assaulted him. The Guardian fire against the Necrons had extreme difficulty breaking through the thick Necron armor, while the Necron fire slowly whittled down the Guardians as they fell back. Finally, a single Guardian was left alive, and as he ran for his life, A well-placed Gauss Flayer shot killed him.
The Eldar evacuation force would arrive, only to see that there were no survivors. But even worse, Necrons had been unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

January 11, 2003

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