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Battle Report: The Ork Waaagh!, Part 2

Reacting to the sudden arrival of the Ork Forces in Aetolia, the Arcadian High Command deployed the 2nd Infantry Regiment and elements of the 6th Armored and 3rd Field Artillery Regiments to meet the threat. The Arcadians were barely able to get into position before the green tide smashed into them.

Scenario: Battle Bunker Assault
Imperial Guard Forces (Defender): abyrne
Ork Forces (Attacker): Meliadus and Badelaire

The Forces
Imperial Arcadian Forces(A Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment)Points

Command Platoon with Chimera, 2 Fire Support Squads and 1 Anti-Tank Squad (24)460

Infantry Platoon with 2 Infantry Squads (25)171

Infantry Platoon with 2 Infantry Squads (25)171

2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks290

Hardened Veterans Squad (8)171

Storm Troopers (10)135

Total Points:1398

Ork Forces(Warboss Smaka's Attack Force)Points

Warboss with Bosspole, Shoota (Kustom Job: Shootier and More Dakka), Choppa73

Painboss with 'Eavy Armor, Dok's Tools, Bionik Arm, Bionik
Bonce, Cybork Body

Shoota Boyz (13)104

Burna Boyz (5) (1 with Slugga & Choppa, 4 Burnas)69

Slugga Boyz (10)90

Slugga Boyz (10)90

Wartrak with Twin-Linked Big Shoota (2)92

Warbike Squadron (3)90

Gretchin (20) and 1 Slaver69

Gretchin (20) and 1 Slaver69

2 Lungburstas (Custom Vehicles)236

Gobsmasha (Custom Vehicle)128

Supadakka (Custom Vehicle)191

Total Points:1396

The Ork Attack Force Advances through the woods

Turn 1
As the Orks began to emerge from the trees ahead, the Imperial Guard forces formed their battle line, their bunkers being the strongpoint of their defense. Just before the attack began, the Orks unleashed an artillery bombardment on the Imperial positions, but the guardsmen were prepared, and only a single soldier was killed in the barrage. The Orks advanced, Warboss Smaka's group on the left flank, the advance headed by a Lungbursta. Painboss Goregash's mobs plowed along the right flank. The Supadakka opened fire first, its twin-linked big shootas ripping the front line of guardsmen to bloody rags, killing 8 of them. The Lungbursta on the
left flank fired its kannon at the camouflaged Bunker A ahead, hitting it, but the shell did not penetrate through the feet of rocks and dirt that protected it. The other Lungbursta opened fire with its kannon at the other bunker but missed, but managed to kill a single guardsman with its twin-linked shoota.

The Wartraks rumbled forward, firing their big shootas, killing three members of the 2nd platoon's command section, the survivors falling back to safety.

The Lungbursta anchors the Ork left flank

The guardsmen held their ground and unleashed their firepower. The three autocannons on the roof of Bunker B opened fire, their shells punching through the front armor of the Supadakka, wrecking it. The Missile Launchers on the left flank of the company fired and killed three advancing Slugga Boyz with frag missiles. The Heavy Bolters positioned in Bunker A opened fire and killed three Gretchin opposite them. The massed lasgun fire from the Infantry Squads along with the Company HQ section's Chimera's multi-laser killed four more Orks.

Turn 2
The Warbikes sped rapidly down the left, threatening to outflank the Arcadian line of defense. The Lungbursta on the Ork left flank held its position, the Gretchin swarming around it in their rush to attack the humans. Both Lungburstas managed to kill a single guardsman each with their shootas, but their kannons both missed their targets. The Warbikes fired on the survivors of an infantry squad, killing its two members and wiping the squad out. The Wartraks fired at the front line of the guardsmen, killing four, while the Slugga Boyz next to them killed one more.

The Orks steadily advance

On the left flank of the Arcadian lines, a Leman Russ in reserve moved into range, supporting Bunker A. A squad of veterans moved on the right flank, staring down the warbikes ahead. The Missile Launchers on the left flank killed a single Gretchin. The autocannons on Bunker B fired and stunned the crew of a Lungbursta. The Heavy Bolters in Bunker A fired at the Gretchin ahead, killing 3 of them. The Leman Russ' heavy bolter killed one more. The veterans laid into the warbikes with their grenade launchers, destroying one of the warbikes. On the front lines, a guardsman Sergeant, one of only two survivors of his unit, fired at the Slugga Boyz ahead of him, killing one. The Infantry squads and the multi-laser killed 1 more Slugga Boy and a pair of Shoota Boyz.

The Orks close in

Turn 3
The Orks began to close in, the Gretchin followed by the Burna Boyz on the right flank, the Slugga Boyz and Shoota Boyz on the left. The warbikes ground to a halt, firing their big shootas at the veterans ahead, killing 4 of them. Painboss' Slugga Boyz opened fire and killed one guardsman, while on the other flank Warboss Smaka's Slugga Boyz killed another with slugga fire. The Gretchin on the right flank fired at the Missile Launcher teams opposite them, killing three crew members. Both the Lungbursta and Gobsmasha killed a guardsman each with their shootas. The Lungbursta fired its kannon at the bunker again, but was not able to destroy it.
More reinforcements arrived for the Imperial Guard as another Leman Russ moved onto the field, and a unit of Stormtroopers moved up in support of the Missile Launcher teams on the Imperial left flank. Massed hellgun fire from the Stormtroopers proved less than effective, killing a single Gretchin. The first Leman Russ fired its battlecannon at the mass of Gretchin, killing five and sending the rest diving for cover, while their Slaver cursed and tried to round them up. The remnants of the infantry making up the Imperial battle line killed a single Slugga Boy, and a single Gretchin. The Autocannons on Bunker B, without a vehicle in sight, turned their fire to the enemy infantry and killed a Slugga Boy. The newly arrived Leman Russ fired its heavy bolter, killing two of the rapidly approaching Shoota Boyz. The veterans on the Imperial right flank, steadfastly facing off against the warbikes, leveled their grenade launchers at their enemies, and blew both bikes to smithereens. The Ork outflanking maneuver had failed, but the rest of the Ork army was about to smash into the Imperial lines.

Warboss Smaka and his Orks attack the Imperial lines

Turn 4
Sensing that the close combat was about to be joined, the Orks advanced rapidly. The Slaver managed to whip the Gretchin back into formation, driving them forward. A Lungbursta finally damaged Bunker A with its kannon, stunning the occupants and sending a rain of dirt in all directions. Massed fire from the Orks, Gretchin, and Wartraks killed six guardsmen, further weakening their lines. Then a tremendous cheer rippled down the Ork lines as the Gobsmasha's kannon shell found its mark and exploded on Bunker A, causing the ceiling to collapse. Stunned and half-deafened, the guardsmen attempted to escape the ruin, and luckily only a single guardsman was crushed by falling debris, the other five managing to escape. Screaming Waaagh!, Warboss Smaka and his Slugga Boyz smashed into the Imperial lines, laying about with their choppas. Five guardsmen fell to the initial charge. The sole survivor of the unit managed to kill a single ork by spearing his opponent in the chest with his bayonet and then pulling the trigger on full auto, but seeing the rest of his comrades die, he fell back. Roaring at their victory, the Orks charged in pursuit, heading towards the Command Section in their sweeping advance.

Both Leman Russes opened fire with their battlecannon. One shell missed, but the other hit one of the Wartraks. The high explosive shells annihilated the Wartrak, and after the smoke cleared there was nothing left but a smoking crater. Steel fragments scythed into the nearby Burna Boyz, one of the fragments piercing an Ork's fuel tank, detonating it. The Ork burst into a fiery conflagration, and the other Burna Boyz laughed raucously as their mate ran around in circles until he died, still burning. Fire from the Infantry killed one of the Painboss' Slugga Boyz, while the Stormtroopers killed four more Gretchin, and the Chimera's multi-laser killed a Shoota Boy. Seeing the Warboss and his Slugga Boyz all but wipe out an infantry squad and continue their advance, every gun in range tried to take them out before they got there. The Autocannons and lasgun fire killed six of the Slugga Boyz, leaving only Warboss Smaka with one of his Slugga Boyz left. But this was enough. He charged into the combat, sweeping his choppa in a great arc. Three guardsman tried to face his charge, but all three were killed. The Ork killed one more. The Sergeant, the only survivor, fell back. Warboss Smaka tried to pursue, only but failed to catch up. In the center, an Infantry Squad charged Painboss Goregash and his Slugga Boyz. Goregash crushed three of them with his Power Klaw,
while the Sergeant turned to flee, only to be cut down but the pursuing orks.

The Painboss and the Shoota Boyz assault the Heavy Bolters
Turn 5
Sensing victory within their grasp, the Orks charged forward to make the kill. The Wartrak and the Gretchin each killed a single guardsman, while Lungbursta damaged Bunker B with a kannon shot, but the bunker still stood firm. Warboss Smaka shot and killed one of the veterans, and then assaulted them. The Warboss and his Ork plowed into them, wiping them out in the hand-to-hand combat. Painboss Goregash and his Slugga Boyz charged into the Heavy Bolter teams that had just survived the collapse of Bunker A. Goregash killed three of them, and the two survivors fled, only to find themselves trapped between the wreckage of the bunker and a Leman Russ. The Orks easily caught up and butchered them mercilessly. On the Ork right flank the Gretchin assaulted the Stormtroopers, who immediately cut down two of the Gretchin. The three surviving Gretchin and their Slaver fled, only to be chased down and killed by the Stormtroopers.

In a desperate effort to rally their surviving troops, the Chimera advanced and disembarked the Company HQ section in the face of the enemy. The Autocannons killed one Slugga Boy. The 2nd Leman Russ fired its battlecannon, the shell hitting the vulnerable rear armor of the Gobsmasha, destroying it in a powerful explosion and sending the wreck flying. The 1st Leman Russ missed with its shot. The Stormtroopers fired their plasma guns at the last Wartrak, destroying it. Shrapnel from the blast killed two Burna Boyz nearby, and the Stormtroopers' lasguns killed one more. The Company HQ assaulted their Shoota Boyz directly ahead. One of the guardsman was clubbed down by an Ork, but another of the Guardsmen killed an Ork and Colonel Burke killed another with his powerfist. The Orks fell back, and the Command section carried their attack onward into the nearby Gretchin. Painboss Goregash smashed his power claw into the Leman Russ, ripping off its tracks and immobilizing it.

Colonel Burke makes his stand against hordes of enemies
Turn 6
Both Lungburstas missed Bunker B with their kannons. The last surviving Burna Boy fired his burna at the Stormtroopers, and despite engulfing eight of them in flames, only one was killed. Cursing, the Burna Boy charged them, only to be cut down for his trouble. Painboss Goregash clamped his power claw down on the barrel of the Leman Russ' battlecannon, destroying it. Trying to defend itself, the Heavy bolter on the Leman Russ fired, killing one of the Slugga Boyz. The Chimera's multilaser fired on Warboss Smaka and his companion Slugga Boy. Seeing the turret swivel, Smaka thought quickly. He snatched the Slugga Boy and held him up in front
of him as a shield. The body shook violently as it absorbed the laser hits, and the Warboss then flung the corpse aside as he continued to advance. The 1st Leman fired another battlecannon shot, destroying one of the Lungburstas ahead, leaving the other Lungbursta as the last surviving Ork vehicle.

As the Command HQ section charged the Gretchin, the Gretchin opened fire, killed two members of the unit, leaving the Colonel as the sole survivor. Ignoring the odds, the Colonel slammed into the Gretchin, killing three with his powerfist. The Gretchin refused to budge however, and surrounded him. The Slaver then wounded him once, while the Gretchin wounded him a second time, but the Colonel killed three more Gretchin in return.

The Orks were on the verge of victory, but the brave sacrifice of Colonel Burke would carry the day. As he fended off the Ork Horde, both the Painboss and the Warboss converged on his position, and he finally fell under the weight of their blows. However his valiant fight to the end gave the imperial reinforcements enough time to arrive at the scene of the battle. Warboss Smaka and Painboss Goregash saw that they had few forces left to meet the new reinforcements, so they both decided to call off the attack until they found themselves some more boyz.

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