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Battle Report: The Second Battle of Arcadia Prime, Lagrange-2 Sector

After spending several months building ships at a frantic pace at its hidden shipyards located in the Arcadia System's Asteroid Belt, the Arcadian Navy launched a massive attack of the Eldar Forces in orbit about Arcadia Prime. The Arcadian Fleet would hit the Eldar in several places, including their forces located near the Lagrange-2 point of Arcadia Prime.

Imperial Forces: Darkwing
Eldar Forces: Tyrant

The Fleets

Imperial Arcadian Forces (Task Force 42) (w/Admiral 175pts)
Mars Class Battlecruiser (CAV-2 Achaea)270
Tyrant Class Cruiser (CA-26 Acrux)185
Gothic Class Cruiser (CA-27 Antares)180
Lunar Class Cruiser (CA-28 Spica)180
3 Firestorm Class Frigates (FFL-27 Corona Borealis, FFL-28 Corvus, FFL-29 Crater)120
2 Firestorm Class Frigates (FFL-30 Crux, FFL-31 Cygnus)80
3 Sword Class Frigates (FF-95 Thebe, FF-96 Io, FF-97 Europa)105
4 Cobra Class Destroyers (DDG-38 Leda, DDG-39 Laetitia, DDG-40 Harmonia, DDG-41 Daphne)120
3 Cobra Class Destroyers (DDG-42 Isis, DDG-43 Ariadne, DDG-44 Nysa)90
Total Points:1505

Eldar Pirate Forces (w/Pirate Prince 150pts)
Eclipse Class Cruiser250
Shadow Class Cruiser210
3 Aconite Class Frigates195
3 Aconite Class Frigates195
2 Hellebore Class Frigates150
3 Hemlock Class Destroyers120
3 Nightshade Class Destroyers120
3 Nightshade Class Destroyers120
Total Points:1510

The Eldar left flankTurn 1
The Arcadia Task Force aligned itself in a long battle line supported by the Achaea, the Mars Class Battlecruiser and flagship of the task force. For their part the Eldar, upon spotting the Imperials, split its force into two separate groups, once consisting of the Eclipse, Shadow, a squadron of Nightshades, Aconites, and the Hellebores, while the other group consisted of the Hemlocks and the other squadrons of Aconites and Nightshades.
The Eldar advanced, firing salvos of torpedoes, and launching squadrons of Darkstar fighters and Eagle bombers. The Arcadians responded by thrusting their own fleet forward, launching their own salvos of torpedoes, which the Eldar ships easily evaded.
The Aconites and the Nightshades destroy the Leda and the DaphneTurn 2
The Eldar ships closed in, firing off more salvos of torpedoes, and the Eclipse launched another wave of Eagle Bombers. A squadron of Aconites fired at the Gothic Class Cruiser Antares, downing its shields. A squadron of Nightshades fired their batteries at the squadron of Firestorms ahead of them, destroying the frigate Crater. The other squadrons of Aconites and Nightshades fired at the Cobras in front of them, destroying the Leda and Daphne. The Nightshades then fired ahead at the Firestorms with their torpedoes, destroying the Corona Borealis and the Corvus, and the torpedo salvo proceeded and damaged the Antares. Eldar Eagle bombers then swarmed around the Tyrant Class Cruiser Acrux, damaging it. Another salvo of torpedoes from the Nightshades destroyed the Cobra Class Destroyer Laetitia.
In response to the sudden attack, the Arcadian vessels scattered to engage their targets. The Achaea fired its Nova Cannon, striking what appeared to be a direct hit on the Eclipse, however through the explosion the Eclipse emerged unscathed, saved by its holofields. The Sword Class Frigates closed with the Shadow, damaging it with a barrage from their weapon batteries. The Acrux and the Firestorms also fired on the Shadow, damaging it further and rendering its Prow Batteries inoperable. The squadron of Cobras on the Arcadian right flank opened fire on the squadron of Aconites in front of them with their weapon batteries and torpedoes, destroying all three ships.
A multitude of explosions fill space as the battle ragesTurn 3
All ships on the Eldar left flank closed on the Antares, preparing to shower it with fire. The Hemlocks downed the ships shields, and fire from the Hellebores and Nightshades crippled her. On the Eldar right, Eagle bombers attacked the Firestorm Class Frigates Crux and Cygnus, destroying them both. The Eclipse and Aconite Squadron opened fire on the Acrux, damaging her. The Nightshades fired on the Swords, destroying the Thebe and Io. All the Eldar ships then maneuvered to open up the distance to give them some breathing room.
The Achaea launched a 2 squadrons of Fury Fighters which then escorted the capital ship, while 2 squadrons of Starhawk bombers flew off to attack. The Achaea then fired its lances, destroying a Nightshade. The Acrux fired its port broadside at the Shadow, reducing it to a drifting hulk, completely helpless.
Turn 4
The Eldar fleet skillfully maneuvered their ships in for another attack run on the Arcadian fleet. The Eclipse and the squadron of Aconites fired on the Acrux, downing its shields and crippling it. Bombers from the Eclipse swarmed around the Harmonia and Europa, destroying them both. With that, the Arcadians were completely out of escort ships, and only the four cruisers remained operative. On the Eldar left, the Hellebores and Nightshades' combined fire wiped out a squadron of Cobras. The Eldar ships them continued to maneuver to thwart the Arcadians' attempts at counterattacking.
The Achaea launched another wave of bombers, while an earlier wave of bombers destroyed one of the Hemlocks on the Eldar left.
Turn 5
The Aconite squadron on the Eldar right closed with the Acrux, severely damaging her and reducing it to a blazing hulk. A swirling combat in space occurred as the Eldar fighters destroyed two squadrons of Imperial bombers, only to be neutralized by Imperial fighters. Another wave of torpedoes hit the Antares, nearly destroying it. A wave of Starhawk Bombers attacked a pair of Nightshades, destroying them both.
The Achaea fired its weapon batteries at the Aconites, destroying one of them. The Achaea's bombers followed the Eldar vessels, but the agile Eldar ships were too fast to catch.
Turn 6
The Hemlocks fired their pulsars, finally destroying the Antares, sending it careening through space, uncontrolled fires raging through her decks. The Achaea launched another wave of bombers, all of them flying to attack the Eldar ships. Eldar Darkstar fighters succeeded in intercepting some of them on their way.
The Antares is reduced to a burning wreckTurn 7
The Aconites fired upon the Lunar Class Cruiser Spica, which until this point was desperately trying to engage, but constantly outmaneuvered by the Eldar ships. The Spica fired a salvo of its torpedoes, which succeeded in destroying one of the Hellebores.

Turn 8
All the Eldar ships then surrounded the Spica, which braced for impact. The Eldar poured all the fire they could muster into the cruiser, crippling it and severely damaging its thrusters, but the Spica survived the onslaught to limp away. A Hellebore was caught in the blast of the many explosions and was itself destroyed.
At this point, the two surviving Imperial ships broke off the engagement, abandoning the attack and leaving the Lagrange-2 point in Eldar hands.

December 7, 2002

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