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Battle Report: The Second Battle of Arcadia Prime, Lagrange-1 Sector

After spending several months building ships at a frantic pace at its hidden shipyards located in the Arcadia System's Asteroid Belt, the Arcadian Navy launched a massive attack of the Eldar Forces in orbit about Arcadia Prime. The Arcadian Fleet would hit the Eldar in several places, including their forces located near the Lagrange-1 point between Arcadia Prime and its primary.

Imperial Forces: Darkwing
Eldar Forces: Meliadus

The Fleets

Imperial Arcadian Forces (Task Force 31)
Lunar Class Cruiser (CA-18 Capella)180
Tyrant Class Cruiser (CA-22 Betelgeuse)185
4 Firestorm Class Frigates (FFL-6 Ara, FFL-8 Auriga, FFL-19 Centaurus, FFL-20 Cepheus)160
3 Sword Class Frigates (FF-89 Luna, FF-90 Phobos, FF-91 Deimos)105
4 Cobra Class Destroyers (DDG-6 Hebe, DDG-14 Irene, DDG-20 Massalia, DDG-21 Lutetia)120
Total Points:750

Eldar Pirate Forces
Eclipse Class Cruiser250
Shadow Class Cruiser210
2 Aconite Class Frigates130
4 Nightshade Class Destroyers160
Total Points:750

The Imperial Fleet AdvancesTurn 1
Upon sighting the Eldar Fleet, the Imperial vessels all accelerated to close, and let off a salvo of torpedoes. The Eldar ships easily maneuvered around the torpedoes and angled for their attack. The Aconite Class Frigates closed on the Cobras, and with a single barrage they destroyed the Hebe and the Irene. Then the Eldar cruisers both opened fire upon the Betelgeuse, downing her shields and lightly damaging her hull. The Eclipse then launched a wave of bombers, which moved to attack the Betelgeuse.
Turn 2
The Luna, Phobos, and Deimos maneuvered directly alongside the Eclipse Class Cruiser to deliver close in damage, while the Betelgeuse maneuvered to bring her starboard batteries to bear. The Eldar bombers swarmed around the Betelgeuse, damaging her hull further, but inflicting insufficient damage to cripple her. Then the Betelgeuse and the Sword Class Frigates fired at the Eclipse with everything they had, and the Eclipse was rocked by several explosions, reducing her to a drifting wreck. The Firestorm squadron closed on the Aconite Frigates, and their combined fire at close range succeeded in destroying both of them. As the Shadow Class Cruiser attempted to maneuver away, the torpedo salvo from the Cobra Destroyers caught up with it, crippling and severely damaging its superstructure. Despite the damage, the Shadow Class Cruiser reversed course and closed with the Betelgeuse. It then released a salvo of torpedoes at the Betelgeuse, crippling her. The crew members of the Shadow then succeeded in repairing its critical superstructure damage, but it still remained crippled. The Nightshades maneuvered to ouflank the Imperial fleet.The Eclipse is severely damaged by massed Imperial fireTurn 3
The Betelgeuse attempted to reload its torpedoes, but a malfunction rendered its torpedo tubes inoperative. The Firestorms, the Capella, and the Swords all opened fire on the Shadow, lightly damaging it. The Eldar Nightshade Class Destroyers closed on the starboard side of the Capella and launched a salvo of torpedoes, downing her shields and cripple it. The remaining torpedoes proceeded onward to hit the Cobra Class Destroyers Massalia and Lutetia, destroying both of them. The Shadow then fired a salvo at the Sword Class Frigates, and succeeded in destroying the Deimos.
Turn 4
The Shadow Class Cruiser had broken through the Imperial lines, but it would not go far. The Firestorms, Swords, and the Capella closed on her, with the Swords right astern. The Luna and Phobos opened fire with their weapon batteries, and the barrage overloaded the Shadow's plasma drive. The Shadow exploded in a ball of light. With this occurrence the Nightshade decided to flee, and succeeded in disengaging. It was a clear victory for the Imperials.

November 25, 2002

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