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Battle Report: The Battle of Cyclades, Part 6

Leaving a small force to delay the advancing Imperial Guard, the Eldar try to evacuate the bulk of their forces before the Imperial Guard can surround them and wipe them out.

Scenario: Rearguard
Attacker (Imperial Guard): abyrne
Defender (Eldar): Darkwing

Imperial Guard
Command HQ with Captain and Preacher (5)171
Command Section (5)45
Infantry Squad (10)73
Infantry Squad (10)88
Command Section (5)45
Infantry Squad (10)83
Infantry Squad (10)73
Stormtroopers (10)155
Leman Russ Battle Tank145
Leman Russ Battle Tank140
Total Points:1507

Farseer (1)121
Fire Dragons with Exarch (6)114
Guardian Defender Squad with Warlock (17)175
Guardian Storm Squad with Warlock (8)121
Rangers (5)95
Swooping Hawks with Exarch (7)174
Total Points:817

The Eldar forces, arrayed for their desperate defenseTurn 1
The few Eldar took up their positions to delay the Imperial Guard attack. If they did not succeed, the entire Eldar Army would become surrounded with no escape. The Imperial Guard moved onto the battlefield and a long battle line. A Chimera had driven forward to face the Eldar Fire Dragons, taken cover on the reverse slope of a hill. The Chimera's multilaser fired, killing a Fire Dragon that was too exposed. A Leman Russ advancing on the flank fired its hull mounted heavy bolter, killing three more Fire Dragons.

For their part the Eldar forces began to fall back in a delaying tactic, all except for the Fire Dragon Exarch and the last Fire Dragon aspect warrior, as they bravely advanced on the Chimera. The Exarch leveled his firepike at the vehicle and scored a direct hit, but the range was so great the firepike was unable to penetrate the Chimera's front armor. Now the Exarch was exposed to the teeth of the entire Imperial battle line, and he had nothing to show for it. In the Eldar center the Rangers fared better, picking off two guardmen and forcing the unit to dive for cover.

Turn 2
The Imperial Guard continued their advance under cover of a mortar barrage. A second Leman Russ, this one on the Eldar left flank, moved forward under full power to get into the battle. The Chimera disembarked its Command HQ section, which open up with its three flamers on the Fire Dragons, killing the Exarch. The last remaining Fire Dragon was killed simultaneously by plasma gun fire from the Storm Trooper Squad on its flank. The Fire Dragons were wiped out, but it was not completely free, as one of the Stormtroopers' plasma guns overheated, killing one of them.

The Eldar continued to fall back away from the Imperial Guard, biding them time while trying to delay the Imperial Guard as much as possible. The Rangers targetted another advancing infantry squad, killing three of them and pinning the rest of the squad.

Turn 3
The Imperial Guard continued their relentless advance. A lucky mortar shot killed one of the Storm Guardians on the Eldar right flank, while the Chimera's multilaser killed one more as the APC advanced into the center. A Command Section from one of the infantry squads managed to pick off a single Eldar Ranger. However, now both Leman Russ' had found good firing positions, and both Battlecannons barked out, killing four Guardian Defenders.

As the majority of the Eldar force continued to maneuver, Swooping Hawks came down from the sky. The dropped a barrage of grenades on the tightly packed Stormtroopers on the Imperial Guard left flank, but the Stormtroopers emerged from the smoke without having taken a single casualty. The Swooping Hawks then landed on the Eldar far right flank, and fired their lasblasters at the Stormtroopers, killing five. The Farseer, moving constantly to the left, cast Eldritch Storm upon the Leman Russ on the left flank, but only managed to immobilize it.

The Farseer destroys the Leman Russ with his WitchbladeTurn 4
The Imperial Guard reinforcements arrived, and a second unbroken line of guardsmen arrived on the scene of battle. The Command Chimera plowed ahead towards the Guardian Storm Squad, now out in the open. The Imperial Guard turned their fire to the new arrivals on the battlefield: the Swooping Hawks. The Stormtroopers' hellguns killed one aspect warrior, while the heavy bolter on the Leman Russ accounted for one more. A Heavy Bolter fire support squad got off a lucky shot at long range, picking off the Warlock in the Storm Squad. The Command Section killed another Ranger, while the left Leman Russ' battlecannon killed three more Guardian Defenders.The Imperial Guard Command Section wipes out the Guardian Storm SquadFor the Eldar, the Rangers picked off another guardsmen, while the Swooping Hawks killed three more Stormtroopers. The Guardian Storm Squad charged the exposed Command Chimera, readying their Haywire Grenades. However, because the vehicle was moving so fast, only one guardian was able to throw his grenade on target, and the grenade itself turned out to be a dud. Things worked out better for the Eldar on the left flank, as the Farseer charged the immobilized Leman Russ and tore it to pieces with his Witch Blade.

Turn 5
The Eldar had held out for a long time, and they only needed to hold out for a little longer before their mission was complete. Heavy Bolter fire from the surviving Leman Russ killed two Swooping Hawks, while combined fire from the infantry squads killed two Rangers. In the center, the Chimera moved off, disembarking the Command HQ. The Chimera then opened up on the Storm Squad with its multilaser, followed by a flaming barrage from the three flamers of the Command HQ, followed by the Imperial Guard Captain and his men charging the Storm Squad. The result was predictable in that the Storm Squad was utterly wiped out, but not before one vengeful guardian unloaded his shuriken pistol into the guts of a guardsman.

The Swooping Hawks fired at some infantry, killing a single guardsmen, then they began to fall back. The Guardian Defenders, already in cover, began to retire as well. The Farseer decided he could do just a little more damage before leaving the field. He stepped out from behind the wreck of the Leman Russ he had destroyed, and advanced implacably on the infantry platoons in front of him. Pointing his hand at the enemy, he unleashed another Eldritch Storm upon the guardsmen, killing five of them. When the guardsmen raised their rifles to shoot back, the Farseer was gone...

Due the heroism of their Farseer, the Eldar were successfully able to hold off the advancing Arcadian forces just long enough for the bulk of their forces to make their escape. The Arcadian forces would pause just long enough to consolidate their forces before attempting to pursue the Eldar once again.

March 27, 2002

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