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Battle Report: The Battle of Septimus Five

Two Task forces from the Arcadian Navy were sent to investigate the region of the Battle of the Outer Rim--their mission was to search for and destroy any Eldar Raiders that they came across. Near the fifth Lagrange point of the the planet Arcadia Septimus, the Imperial ships encountered an Eldar attack force. Both forces engaged, while billions of kilometers away the Arcadia Prime Starbase was coming under attack.

Eldar Forces: Tyrant
Imperial Forces: Darkwing

The Fleets
Eldar Pirate ForcesPoints
Eclipse Class Cruiser250
2 Aconite Class Frigates130
3 Nightshade Class Destroyers120
3 Hemlock Class Destroyers120
Total Points:620

Imperial Arcadian ForcesPoints
Lunar Class Cruiser (CA-19 Rigel)180
Gothic Class Cruiser (CA-17 Vega)180
3 Firestorm Class Frigates (FFL-5 Aquila, FFL-7 Aries,
FFL-12 Cancer)
5 Cobra Class Destroyers (DDG-5 Astraea, DDG-13 Egeria,
DDG-7 Iris, DDG-15 Eunomia, DDG-21 Lutetia)
Total Points:630

Turn 1
The battle began with the ships of both fleets maneuvering for position. The Arcadian ships, divided into two task forces, thus had their firepower diluted, which would prove to be their undoing. The Eldar Eclipse Class Cruiser launched its bombers. Torpedoes were fired in both sides, to little effect at this range.The Rigel and her escorts face off against the EldarTurn 2
The Nightshades opened fire with their torpedoes, destroying the Arcadian destroyers Eunomia and Iris. For its part, the Rigel became surrounded by the Eldar bombers, and was unable to withstand their onslaught. The Rigel was left adrift, unable to take further part in the battle.
Turn 3
The Aconites opened fire on the Arcadian ships, destroying the frigates Aries and Cancer, but this time return fire from the Aquila and the destroyer Astraea destroyed an Eldar Hemlock destroyer and Aconite frigate.The ships in furious close quarters combatTurn 4
The battle getting close now, with the Vega destroying a Nightshade, while another Aconite was destroyed by explosions. Another Nightshade destroyed the destroyer Egeria.
Turn 5
With almost no escorts left to defend her, the Vega was surrounded and destroyed by massed fire from the Eldar vessels. The Eldar fleet decided to quit while it was ahead, and proceeded to disengage, leaving the two Imperial Task forces in shambles.

January 11, 2002

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