Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Battle Report: The Attack on Comm Relay South

This was the second battle report I did, focusing on the early stages of the War for Arcadia Campaign. The scenario is based on a raid by an Eldar assault force attacked a communications station on Arcadia Prime, as an opening move for their main attack.

The Attack on Comm Relay South

Just prior to their planned attack on the Arcadia Prime fleet, the Eldar sent down a small special operations force to disable an Imperial communications relay station near Arcadia Prime's South Pole. Disabling the relay station would disrupt Imperial communications, and allow the Eldar to attack the Arcadia Prime Fleet and Starbase with complete surprise.

Eldar Forces:Tyrant
Imperial Guard Forces: Darkwing


Eldar Strike Force
7 Striking Scorpions182
5 Scouts115
16 Eldar Guardians288

Total Points: 585

Imperial Guard
Imperial Guard Tactical Squad130

Total Points: 130

Turns 1 & 2
The Eldar force advanced on the Imperial Communications Relay Station. The single guardsman on watch duty, however, failed to notice them until it was too late. A barrage of shuriken catapult fire from one of the guardian squads pelted his position. Two shots hit him, but with his last breath he hit the alarm button, alerting his comrades to the attack.

Turns 3 & 4
The Eldar continued their advance, charging towards the relay station. As a guardsman ran to his post, he was cut down by an Eldar Scout. One of the scouts themselves fell victim to return fire.

Turn 5
The Eldar began to move inside the structure, as their attack was too swift for the guardsmen to respond and establish a perimeter. As the Striking Scorpions moved in the station via the Basilisk gunport, the lead Scorpion picked off a defender with his shuriken pistol.

Meanwhile, an Eldar Guardian Squad moved to another entrance. They smashed the door open and charged down the hallway, only to meet a hail of lasgun fire. The squad leader and one of his men were cut down, but the guardians did not falter and continued their assault.

Turn 6
The Eldar were now well within the station via many entrances, and the guardsmen became more desperate. One guardsman, desperately fighting back fear, hefted his meltagun and fired at an implacably advancing Striking Scorpion. The shot hit the Scorpion square on, vaporizing its head and shoulders with a sickening hiss and sizzle. Before the guardsman could aim again, more Scorpions were on him.

Turn 7
The Striking Scorpions and Guardians continued their attack and swarmed into the station, engaging the guardsmen in hand-to-hand combat. Sergeant Lorelos, guarding the communications room, shot one of the Guardians as he appeared in a doorway. Lorelos began to advance to a doorway, and heard the death screams of his men. Within seconds, the screams were all cut off, and the sergeant realized that he was the only one left. He readied his sword and pistol, with no thought of surrender.

Turn 8
The Guardians charged into the control room, and Sergeant Lorelos held his ground. Lorelos shot one guardian, then ducked under the other's swing and proceeded to cut him down with his sword. Leaping forward, he chopped at another guardian, killing her with a sweep of his sword. The ferocity of his attack caused the remaining two guardians to flee in fear. Sgt. Lorelos' elation was short lived, as he saw four Striking Scorpions come piling into the room.

Turn 9
As Sgt. Lorelos prepared to sell his life dearly, the Striking Scorpions advanced upon him. The Striking Scorpions would not even give him a fighting chance, however, as a barrage from their mandiblasters struck him down as they closed in from all sides.

The Eldar then planted their charges within the control room, and destroyed the relay station's communications systems. They quickly gathered their eight dead, secured the spirit stones that would allow the Eldar spirits survive and become one with their craftworld, and left the station. Ten dead guardsmen littered the wrecked station, their spilled blood freezing in the cold.

December 3, 2001


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