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DW: Olympian Republic 013: 2160-2164

2160.01.01 2160 turns out to be a quiet year, mostly with consolidating new colonies, watching out for pirates, planning, and doing lots of research.  Major breakthroughs are in the wings, and then the fleet will be upgraded.  

2161.09.11  Most of 2161 has been quiet as well, but then this happens:

A sizable Dhayu fleet is headed towards Reunion.  Relations with the Dhayu have not been friendly recently, with Trade Sanctions occurring between Olympia and them, but nothing overtly hostile has occured.  That may change soon.

Just in case the Dhayu are planning anything stupid, Olympia sends some fleets to Reunion. Construction of Troop Transports begins at Olympia.  

The Dhayu arrive to find formidable defenses in the form of a Medium Space Port, and Orbital Battery, and 14th Fleet.  

Just before a warning is issued to them to leave, the Dhayu initiate a Blockade on Reunion.  Olympia asks them to get out, and naturally, they deny everything.  Olympia will be more than fair, and ask them politely one more time.  

And the war.

The Dhayu lose two ships and then flee.  

The battle lines are drawn, and the Dhayu Territory’s days are numbered.

1st Fleet arrives at Gamma Telescopii 1 to find that it is already being blockaced by the Quameno Ascendancy.  Err...on to Dhayu then!

Arriving at Puir in the Dhayu system, 1st Fleet bites off a little more than it can chew.

The Fleet withdraws, but loses the destroyers Atalante and Laetitia.

15th Fleet arrives at Sigma Geminorum 3.  

15th Fleet flattens SG3’s defenses, but then a large Dhayu Fleet leaves orbit, heading for Elysion. After finishing off the defenses, 15th Fleet pursues.  In the meantime, Elysion is defended by a Medium Space Port and the seven destroyers of 9th Fleet.  By comparison, the Dhayu 11th Fleet contains 16 ships.

The Dhayu 11th Fleet attacks Elysion.  The defenses hold, and manage to force one troop transport to break off, but the other lands troops.  Fortunately it looks like Elysion’s ground defenses are sufficient to defeat the invasion.  

20th Fleet, meanwhile, invades Sigma Geminorum and liberates it quickly.  

The Dhayu 2nd Fleet tries to retake Sigma Geminorum, but is faced with Olympia’s 12th Fleet, consisting of four destroyers.  

Meanwhile 15th Fleet arrives at the Dhayu Penal Colony in the Dhayu system.  Half a billion citizens are kept in bondage on this planet...which is all the more reason for the Dhayu Territory to be brought to an end.

20th Fleet arrives and liberates the planet, while 15th Fleet pastes any Dhayu ship foolish enough to get close.  

Soon after, the Dhayu see the writing on the wall...

So they’ll agree to end the war if Olympia returns their penal colony to them?  

20th Fleet is ordered to bring this farce to an end, and attacks Puir.  It has formidable orbital defenses, but the land defenses are not too strong.  The troop transports are fast, and so they’ll move in.  

Once they drop the troops, it looks like the invasion force will not be enough.  Unable to retrieve them due to the orbital defenses, 5th Fleet withdraws to get more troops.

It is at this time that the Xhumans decide to enter the fray.

But there is unfinished business at Dhayu.  15th Fleet does serious damage to the defenses, and gets space control, which helps the ground troops, but it will probably not be enough.

2163.01.18 A rebellion occurs on Dhayu Penal Colony.  

2163.01.23 The Dhayu Penal Colony’s rebellion is successful.  Liberation will will just take a little longer.  

15th Fleet takes out all of Puir’s defenses, but then is forced to withdraw due to fuel concerns.  

2163.05.23 15th Fleet and 20th Fleet, refueled and rearmed, returned to Puir to try again.

2163.09.14 Puir is liberated from the Dhayu.

2163.11.24 Dhayu Penal Colony is liberated for the second, and hopefully, final time.  

2163.01.01 15th and 20th Fleets proceed to Gamma Telescopii, to find that the Quameno are invading the planet.  If they succeed, they can have it.  

The Xhumans, on the other hand, are up for fighting, as they have targetted the Dhayu system with a sizable fleet.  15th Fleet moves to intercept.

The freed citizens of Dhayu Penal Colony rename their world Liberty.

The Dhayu are down to two planets:  Gamma Telescopii 1, which they are about to lose to the Quameno, and Omega Persei 1, which they have just colonized, literally on the other side of the galaxy.  The Dhayu are no longer a threat.  The diplomats propose peace and the Dhayu accept.

The Xhumans attack the deployed supply ship Neosho, but fortunately its shields hold up just long enough for it to undeploy and escape.  

2164.04.02 Seeing as it has been a while since Olympia has picked on pirates, 2nd Fleet is dispatched to take on the Grim Outlaws.  

2164.07.18 So far the Xhumans have not threatened Olympia too severely.  They attacked Neosho unsuccessfully, and send a triad of destroyers to Puir, only to have them all destroyed.  

But now they send a large fleet of 15 vessels to Gorg in the Sigma Cygni system.  Fortunately the system is protected by 19th Fleet.  

2164.09.07 The Xhuman fleet arrives at Gorg, and the fight is on.

Despite the best efforts of 19th Fleet, the Xhumans’ troop transports break through the defense line.

2164.10.04 Gorg falls to the Xhumans.

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