Thursday, July 25, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 26: Conclusion

Stardate 2137.01.01 With the war going on for so long and the government paying more attention to the war than the galaxy, much has apparently passed the Republic by.  The galaxy is apparently an extremely busy place.

It is time to examine the Republic’s place in the galaxy.
 Population is rather low.
 But the Republic has a lot of colonies.
 The economy is hurting though...
But the size of the military is respectable.

2137.01.15 Out of fear of other pirates, the Republic’s old enemy, Ackdar Shipping, has surrendered all and sought protection.  Their main vessel, the capital ship Implacable Sentinel, surrenders to the Republic.  The ship is retired and scrapped at Sigma Capricorni 1.  

The Republic enters into two more Mutual Defense Pacts, with the Tairoshan Federation and the Kappa Ophiuchi Harmony.  
2138.04.07 The second invasion of Relakis 1 begins.
2138.07.08 And the Republic is victorious.

2139.02.10 The last bastion of the XHumans, the colony of Ohricura, is attacked.  There has been unrest on Relakis, as the population has rebelled, but it should be able to be pacified.

2139.04.24 Ohricura falls.  The war is over.  
The citizens of Relakis continue to rebel, but for all intents and purposes, the XHuman Supremacy has fallen.
 The annexation of Relakis gives the Republic a boost in population.
 As well as territory.
 And the economy, too.
Military strength remains about the same.

Soon after the war ended, the game suffered an unrecoverable crash so I was forced to start over.  At least I was able to win my first war!  I have since started a new game, which I will chronicle here soon.  All in all I learned a lot in this game, and the next game will give me a chance to apply what I have learned.

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