Thursday, July 18, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 21: Space Battles

Stardate 2127.10.17

The XHuman 3rd Strike Force arrives at MLM2 to find the RN waiting for it.  Centurion II 001 and Decimator XI 001 take the brunt of the initial fire.  The other two ships flee...but foolishly return to the system and are destroyed.

2128.01.03 The XHumans are losing battles, but are not giving up.  The XHuman 1st Fleet, consisting of but one destroyer and a troop transport moves on an attack vector to Andeysas.   The RN 1st Fleet will be there to meet them.

The XHuman “fleet” arrives in system and is immediately attacked, and both vessels are destroyed.

While under repairs, Inazuma comes under attack by two X destroyers that arrive, and is destroyed.

2128.06.19 1st Fleet returns to MLM2 to take on the two X destroyers there.  Both are destroyed easily.

2128.08  The XHumans send their 8th Fleet towards MLM2.  1st Fleet is there waiting for it, and 2nd Fleet is dispatched to reinforce them.

The 8th Fleet outfoxes the RN temporarily by not attacking MLM2.  Instead it attacks an isolated mining station in the same system, and then sets a course to attack the colony on Ethoihen.  1st and 2nd Fleets pursue.

The Republic fleets get off a volley, then the 8th Fleet jumps toward Ethoihen.  1st and 2nd Fleet jump shortly after.

2128.10.22 The XHuman 7th Strike Force is spotted heading toward MLM2.  They are running Republic fleets ragged.  3rd Fleet is dispatched to head them off.

2128.10.05 XHuman 8th Fleet arrives at Ethoihen...but then so does 1st and 2nd Fleets.

XHuman 8th Fleet manages to destroy the space port, but then is annihilated by the Republic Navy.

The Republic successfully invades MLM2 and liberates the planet from its XHuman tyrants.

Now that MLM2 is liberated, it is beyond time to take the fight to the enemy.  Undoubtedly the XHumans are rebuilding their military, but it is not enough to sit back and wait.  The Republic must strike.  Now.  

3rd Fleet loads troops and heads for Sigma Capricorni.

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