Friday, July 12, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 17: Adding Colonies

 Stardate 2123.01.01

The year starts out with diplomacy.  Hoping to promote democratic forms of government, the Republic sends monetary gifts to all the democracies and republics in the galaxy.  These empires include the Free Ikkuro Alliance, the Enton Alliance, and the Lipid Republic. (despite them being bugs, they are a republic...)

2123.01.25 Through the Galactic Newsnet the Republic learns that the Free Ikkuro Alliance has declared war on the Mortalu Sovereignty.  The Sovereignty is an insectoid military dictatorship, so it is clear where the Republic’s sympathies like in conflict.  The Mortalu Sovereignty has more colonies, but the Alliance is far stronger militarily.  

2123.02.09 Last year a Republic exploration ship discovered a shutdown colony ship filled with Ugnari, a rodent-like race.  They turned out to be friendly to the Republic, and the colony ship was directed to colonize Rho Librae 3, a planet already occupied by a friendly population of Tairoshan.  Arriving in the system, the colony ship found the system swarming with pirates from three different factions, the Red Star Network, the Venomous Claw Outlaws, and the Cruel Dagger Ravagers.  

Incredibly, the pirates was so consumed with fighting each other that they left the colony ship alone, which succeeded in its mission.  The people of the Republic welcome Rho Librae 3 into the fold.

Rho Librae 3 is far from the rest of the Republic, practically in the center of the galaxy.  

Being surrounded by pirates, it is likely dangerous there, so two corvettes are constructed at Andeysas to be sent there to protect the colony until a space port can be built.  

The war apparently is going well for the Ikkuro Alliance, as they invade and conquer one of the Mortalu Sovereignty’s worlds.  

The Republic colonizes two more worlds.

2124.06.27 Preparing the way to colonize a distant planet, the corvettes Kamikaze and Asakaze split up so  Kamikaze can investigate a suspected pirate base nearby.  It stumbles upon a pirate base with many escorts and fighter/bomber support, which disables Kamikaze’s hyperdrive and many of her systems.  Kamikaze manages to kill some fighters and at least two escort along the way.  Asakaze moves to assist.  

Asakaze arrives to aid her sister ship.  
The two corvettes destroy their attackers.  Asakaze, low on fuel, evacuates the crew of the Kamikaze and leaves to refuel.  2nd Fleet is on route to deal with the pirate base.  

2125.01.01  At Rho Librae 3, Fubuki and Arare deal with near constant pirate raids.  The ships are in little danger, but with so many pirate vessels arriving, it is difficult to prevent the pirates from landing raiding parties on the planet’s surface.  

With the new year, it is time to take stock of things.  
 Population could be better...
 But the Republic has a lot of colonies.
 Economy needs help.
 Military is in good shape.
Lotsa factions out there now!

Meanwhile, Rebellion of Eta Horologii, the pirate cruiser from the Mortalu Clan that destroyed the corvette Hayatori, returns to Andeysas.  2nd Fleet is ordered to intercept.

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