Thursday, July 11, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 16: Peace through Video Games

Stardate 2121.01.01

Missiles fill space.  But after enduring a single volley, Implacable Sentinel turns tail and runs.  

2121.01.10 More escorts from the VD Confederacy appear around Andeysas, but they are no match for the RN fleets.

While this is going on, there is fierce debate in the Senate.  The Republic is in a budgetary crisis.  
The government is spending twice as much money as it takes in.  Yet the Navy is asking for a larger budget to upgrade its vessels to fight off the constant pirate attacks.  Others in the Senate are calling for a complete disbandment of the navy to save money.  President Tarfan is unpopular, and in his ineffective speeches he dispenses platitudes to “tighten our belts,” and “work harder.”  

In a special meeting of the Senate, the decision is made to sell technology to a friendly alien empire in the hopes of making some money to aid the budget crisis.  Ambassador Dobachi approaches the Free Ikkuro Alliance with a trade proposal.  The Republic sells the Alliance Entertainment Systems for cash.  This cash is diverted to build three Space Ports at the colonies of Andeysas, Cydonia, and Ethoihen.  The increased trade provided should give a boost to the economy.  

Several months later, relations with the Ikkuro Alliance improve.  The Alliance grants the Republic mining rights, gifts are exchanged, and finally come to an agreement on free trade.  

2121.11.26 The Republic’s reputation is such that pirates are no longer offering the Republic “protection”, but instead asking for truces.  Ultimately they pay the Republic fees for the promise that they are not attacked. Accepting these truces produces a dramatic boost to the economy, and also boosts President Tarfan’s popularity.   The people still don’t like him, but he doesn’t seem quite as loathsome as he used to be.

2122.02 The Republic hears news that the Great Sluken Hive declared war on the Lipid Republic, and soon after the Lipid Republic declares war on the Gizurea Conformity.  As far as intelligence can tell, it’s bugs fighting bugs.  The Republic is content to stay out of it.

2112.03.19 Ebrea is colonized.  

2112.05.21 New classes of military ships are designed, the Ariake-class corvette and the Vesta-class frigate, taking advantage of Enhanced Armor and Quantum Reactors.  Both ships are built and the fleets put into port to retrofit to the new designs.

2112.09.01 The Republic hears news that multiple wars are taking place.  The Lipid Republic has declared war on the Combined Caleph Alignment, while their war with the Paratis Collective ends.  In the meantime the Enton Alliance has declared war on the Haakonish Corporation.  The galaxy is a busy place, and Republic political scientists are sure to have their hands full trying to sort it all out.

By the end of the year the Republic has made contact with eighteen empires.  The Republic lags somewhat in population...
...but makes up for it in territory. 
 The Republic lags again in GDP, which is somewhat worrisome.
 But the military holds its own.
For now, at least, the Republic can continue to prosper.

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