Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 14: Powerful Pirates

Stardate 2117.01.01
3rd Fleet destroys Savage Moon Spaceways’ spaceport, then sets a course back to Arcadia Prime to repair and refuel.

2117.09.15  Andeysas, an ocean world populated by Ackdarians has been colonized.  All indications are that they and the human colonists will live in harmony.

2118.07.04 After nearly an entire year of relative quiet, the Mortalu Clan attack Obomniz Mining Station with its cruiser Rebellion of Eta Horologii.  The new corvette Hayatori is en route to protect it, but it is still far away.  

2118.07.25 Obomniz Mining Station is captured by a pirate boarding party, but the station’s self-destruct mechanism goes off and destroys the station!  In the meantime, Rebellion proceeds to attack Pi Apodis 3 Mining Station in the same system.  Hayatori approaches the system at high speed.  Unfortunately Rebellion jumps into hyperspace when Hayatori is only a few days out.

Hayatori arrives, and almost immediately Rebellion jumps in.  The fight is on.
Hayatori seems capable of staying out of range of Rebellion’s weapons, but not her fighters and bombers. They proceed to down Hayatori’s shields and damage her.
Hayatori takes severe damage, and is ultimately destroyed.  This is the first loss of a Republic Navy vessel, and the Navy will not soon forget the Rebellion of Eta Horologii.  
Upon hearing of this debacle, the Hayatori-class is upgraded to have not one, but four point defense systems, and all corvettes will be retrofitted to this class.

2119.01.01 On the first day of the new year, Andeysas comes under attack by a massive pirate warship, Implacable Sentinel, belonging to Ackdar Shipping.  It appears to have a hyperspace inhibiting field.  1st Fleet is immediately ordered to move to defend the colony.

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