Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 11: Revenge

Stardate 2111.01.01
2111.01.20  Dark Victor travels directly to Ixion Gas Mining Station and destroys it.  With the Grim Gang pirates destroying the Republic's stations at will, the rhetoric in the Senate becomes especially fiery, and the pressure is on the scientists to finish their research immediately.

Dark Victor proceeds to Orcus next, and sends a boarding party to raid Orcus Gas Mining Station.  They do not destroy the station, but instead capture it, massacring the crew.  
2111.04.12 The scientists complete their research, and upgraded ship designs are immediately made.  
The Shirakumo-class corvette has better weapons than its predecessor, is more maneuverable, has a sensor suite, shields, armor, and most importantly, a hyperdrive.
The Juno-class frigate also has better weapons than its predecessor, better armor, is more maneuverable, and also has shields and a hyperdrive.  Juno, in fact, should be able to take on the pirate frigates of the Grim Gang on relatively even terms.
The following types are also designed:
  • Mariner-class Explorer
  • YT-1300 Stock Light Freighter Mk 3
  • DW1000 Cargo Ferry Mk3
  • VA1000 Cargo Carrier Mk2
  • PS2111 Passenger Ship
  • HR1000 Gas Mining Ship Mk3
  • ST1000 Miner Mk3
  • SC2111 Colonizer
  • CST-1 Space Dock Mk2
All of the base designs are upgraded as well.  

The designs complete, the Senate orders six Shirakumo-class corvettes and one Juno-class frigate to form 3rd Fleet.  1st and 2nd Fleets are ordered to retrofit to the new designs.  As soon as practical, all vessels and bases are to upgrade to the latest designs.  

2111.07.14 The newly constructed corvettes from 3rd Fleet enter hyperspace, on their way to eliminate the pirate stations befouling the Helios system.  

Shirakumo, Asahio, Akatsuki, and Harusame take out the Gas Mining Station at Quaoar.  Kasumi goes after the mining station at Orcus.  Juno, Murasame, and the recently retrofitted Oboro go after a couple of space slugs in an asteroid field.  Within mere days, the all traces of pirates are cleared out of the system.
The new year passes without incident.  The Navy awaits word of pirates from the exploration fleet.  Once any information is obtained of their whereabouts, the Navy will go pirate hunting.  

2112.06.18 One of the explorers discovers a Grim Gang mining station in the Pi Leonis system.  1st Fleet is dispatched to destroy it.  On the way, 1st Fleet diverts to the Iota Velorum system, where two gas mining stations are located.  

2112.08.29 After destroying the two stations at Iota Velorum, a Grim Gang small space port is discovered in the system.  2nd and 3rd Fleets are immediately dispatched to rendezvous with 1st Fleet, and all three fleets will proceed to attack the pirate base.

2112.10.01 The three fleets exit hyperspace, surrounding the space port, and immediately open fire.

Dozens of missiles streak into the station, which does not have the range to respond.  
The station is quickly destroyed with no losses.  1st Fleet heads home to refuel.  2nd Fleet is ordered on to the Pi Leonis system to attack the Grim Gang station there.  3rd Fleet holds position.  
The Senate orders seven more exploration vessels.  The vessels currently exploring have visited well over a dozen systems, and have as yet turned up no colonizable worlds.  

2nd Fleet is successful in destroying the Grim Gang Mining Station.  The pirates must be furious with the Republic.  Intelligence indicates that they are in trouble, however, with few assets left to them.  As soon as their hidden base is found, the Republic will give them a knockout punch.
It is the end of a very good year for the Republic.  Cash flow is in the red, but this is due to necessary expenditures.  The long terms gains are expected to more than make up for it.  
The Republic is now aware of four alien empires.  The Ancient Guardians, the Shandar Utopia, the Great Sluken Hive, and the Free Ikkuro Alliance.  Intelligence indicates that the Republic is smaller in population and economy than all of them, but fortunately none of alien empires appear to be aggressive.  The Republic hopes to maintain good relations with them in the future.

Going forward, the Republic intends to find a suitable planet to colonize, and to eliminate pirates wherever they are found.

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