Sunday, June 30, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 8: Diplomacy and Sabotage

Stardate 2105.01.01
2105.02.18 All retrofitting of the navy is completed.  Research improves, and a better beam weapon, the Maxos Blaster, is developed, but it will be installed on the next class of warships. Right now the priority is hyperdrive technology.  

2105.05.22 Republic agent Peter Berallia, sent to the Grim Gang’s Pi Leonis 2 Gas Mining Station, successfully destroys the station and escapes.

2105.06.10 After giving him some well deserved RR, Agent Berallia is assigned another mission to destroy another mining station. So far, the one agent has been as effective as the entire navy in destroying pirate assets. This analysis ignores the navy's deterrent value, however.
2105.10.09 Helios Energy Research Station, led by Dr. Esari Zotri, completes hyperdrive technology.  This is an important milestone for the Republic.
2105.10.15 A new Explorer vessel is designed, and three more are ordered to supplement the old exploration fleet, which is sent to the shipyard to retrofit to the new design.

2105.12.20 Savage Moon Spaceways offers to mediate contact with another empire.  The price is not so high, and the Republic desperately needs to expand trade, so the Senate agrees.
The empire is called the Shandar Utopia, consisting of a race of reptilians called the Shandar.  Their empire consists of a single colony, but it is more developed than Arcadia Prime.  They do not seem very impressed by the Republic, but the Senate is hopeful for good relations in the future.
Another year has passed, and it is time to take stock of the Republic’s progress.

2106.01.21 A counterintelligence effort by Republic Intelligence pays off, and a spy working for the Grim Gang is captured! This scum is put on trial and executed.  
2106.01.30  A race of Mechanoids, calling themselves the Ancient Guardians, makes contact with the Republic. This event occurs, somewhat suspiciously, hours before the wave of explorer vessels plan to engage their hyperdrives. The Mechanoids do not intervene, however.
Columbia executes a hyperjump, marking the Republic's first voyage into hyperspace.  Now the exploration can truly begin.
The Republic’s exploration ships disperse on their missions.  
2106.03.07 The Ancient Guardians give the Republic a warning.  There are not many in the Senate who take it seriously.  Optimism is too high right now to worry about "dark ones" and "ancient times".
2106.05.02 The Republic completes research into Shield technology, which is vital to the navy.  Arcadia Prime Space Port 2 is retrofitted into a large spaceport, increasing the number of shipyards and their construction ability.  

2106.07.02  Peter Berallia is successful in his mission to sabotage and destroy the Grim Gang’s gas mining station at Iota Velorum 1.  Soon after he is sent him on a third mission, this time back to Pi Leonis 2 to take out the replacement station that the Grim Gang has built. It is quite possible that he will travel back and forth between the two systems, destroying anything the Grim Gang builds. Hopefully their attention will be focused on these tragedies rather than attack the Republic.

2108.08.30 The Republic gets a taste of its own medicine.  Helios Energy Research Station is destroyed in a suspected act of sabotage.  One of the Republic’s lead scientists, Derras Trebulo, is killed.  
2106.09.15 A new Admiral, San Nesalio, is promoted to command the navy.  He assumes command of the 2nd Fleet, with the frigate Pallas as his flagship.
The rest of the year passes quietly, and more research goals are completed.  Once better hyperdrives are completed, newer and faster ships will be designed, and the Republic will begin to expand.

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