Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 5: Building a Navy

Stardate 2103.01.01
Construction on the new space port is critical.  If the Republic is to recover from the previous pirate attacks, it needs a few quiet months to complete work.

2103.03.24 Arcadia Prime Space Port 2 is completed.  Work immediately begins on a second orbital battery and six corvettes.

2103.04.12  The Grim Gang pirates present the Republic with a “protection” offer again. Despite their arrogant tone, this time they do not bring warships along to directly threaten the Republic's assets.  After a heated session in the Senate, the decision is made to accept the offer this time.  Despite a strong movement to “never submit to pirates”, the Senate votes to pay them off only to give the Republic enough time to build sufficient defenses, and then turn the tables on them.  
2103.06.09 The six corvettes have been completed, and are organized into 1st Fleet.  The Senate immediately orders a further six corvettes to form a second fleet.  
2103.08.24 Research into Armor Plating and Proton Thrusters is completed, and the Ceres-class frigate is designed.  Two are ordered to be the lead ships in the two fleets.  These ships will have marginally less firepower than the corvettes, but they are armored, have better engines, and advanced sensor suites.  
2103.08.25 Orbital Battery 2 is complete, and the ship yards start working on a third construction ship, the Radiant Merchant.  Soon after the second wave of six corvettes is completed, and they are organized into 2nd Fleet.
2103.11.29 The warmongers in the Senate propose both canceling the protection agreement with the Grim Gang and to contract mercenaries to attack their mining station at Arcadia.  Cooler heads prevail however, as the navy is not quite ready.  Once it is, the Republic of Arcadia will take back the system on its own. 

2103.12.05 The first two frigates, Ceres and Pallas, are completed and assigned to 1st and 2nd Fleets respectively.  1st Fleet, which was on patrol, refuels at the space port, and preparations for the attack begin.  
The new year will see the Republic's attack against these foul pirates.

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