Friday, November 11, 2011

I must be patient...

With all the hype right now it's hard to not get excited about the Necrons.  The models are awesome and some of their new powers seem very scary.  It makes me want to drop everything and start yet another army... 

...but in the end I'll probably resist.  But I can still dream.

How can you not love the Deathmarks:
That cyclopean visage is just way too creepy.  Not to mention the Lychguard:
I just like the look of these guys with their Dispersion Shields and Hyperphase swords.

All this makes me want to start collecting a Necron Army, despite the fact that I already have way too many armies as it is, most of them incomplete.  But I find myself thinking of color schemes...I'm thinking of chrome as the primary color--akin to their original inspiration:
But instead of green as the color of their power sources, I was thinking of ultraviolet, or rather extreme violet, as you see in a black light.  I want to get my hands on a necron warrior to try out the scheme.

But I'm sure that my enthusiasm will fade...or at least my wallet hopes that it does.  But in the end, since the new Necrons are so cool, it makes me look forward to a hopefully soon-to-come release that I'm far more interested in:


Chorus Lucia said...

I'm having the same problem

Jack Badelaire said...

My Necrons need an overhaul. Some of them have broken bits, and a lot of touchups need to be done, paintwise. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some more warriors (I only have 32) and I would like to eventually build a unit of Wraiths. many models, so little time.