Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ork Land Battleship, Part 14

Just a quick update as I got some more structure done. Soon I need to start working on detailing, which is going to take forever...  Here's a (admittedly bad) picture of part of the superstructure, with some detailing on the after part:
The reason being is that I'm mounting another section on top of it--it will be visibile through the trusswork, so I need to put in detailing now.
Adding on the bridge section and another deck leads us to here:
And finally the top of the bridge:
Next post will have some detail work, as I've begun that now.


Klaus said...

This is really coming together.
I really look forweard to see more.
Great job!

woroxon said...

You are progressing at a quit good pace, I would like a close up of your details.