Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cleaning out the Paint Box

Those of you who are getting up there in age like me might recognize this style of paint pot.  That's right, they're all Games Workshop paints, dating from roughly 1988-1992.

It's been literally years since I've opened some of these paint pots...and since space in my paint box is at a premium right now, I decided I had to do some housecleaning.  Surprisingly, practically all of the paints look to be in usable condition.  Still the chances of me using them are remarkably I had to do a little bit of culling.  But the rest?  Well, they have some fight in them yet, so I'll keep them around a little longer.


the other Kevin said...

They look like P3 paint pots, which I like much better than the current GW line.

I'm curious, can you see a difference in quality over the years? I would think there is, but wonder if it is noticable.

Darkwing said...

The biggest difference I've noticed is that a couple of the old metallics were really crappy. I had a pot of "Chainmail", and another of "Tin Bitz" (or its equivalent, which was much darker than the current version, which was very...chunky. No amount of stirring or watering down would solve the problem.

Also some of the old paints would separate necessitating lots of stirring to ensure that the color stays the same.

Col. Corbane said...

I've still got a few of them myself, surprisingly, they're in pretty good condition but I put that down to the superior pots.

It's weird to see paints they don't even make anymore like ghostly grey, give it a couple of years and people will be surprised that GW made inks.

Karitas said...

When GW sacked the company that made these (I think in order to do it in-house) and took back all the names, the company re-branded and continued to make them

in fact they still do make them, you can buy them through Foundry and I think as "coat D'arms"

in case theres an old colour you really really miss :)

oni said...

I remember those. I think I have a few sitting around myself along with the ones that came after them. Same flip lid, but a hex shaped pot.