Saturday, April 4, 2009

Painting Slugga Boyz, Day Five

Seeing as I had the day off, this day was productive. I basecoated the skin on all the slugga boyz with Orkhide Shade, and painted the surfaces of the bases Scorched Brown. After doing this for 20 models, the last thing I wanted to do was paint another single color 20 times, so I finished one of the models. 1 Slugga Boy down, 19 to go.


Badelaire said...

He's looking good - a testament to how your painting skills have dramatically improved in the last half dozen years or so (not that they were ever bad, but I think you've gotten more mini painting done in the last six or seven years than you did for a long time beforehand).

And that bugger is a proper looking Goff, all right.

The Inner Geek said...

The finished one looks sweet!

Darkwing said...

It's parly that, partly the fact that I painted most of my orks well over a decade ago, and I rushed them when I did, being wussy orks... :)