Monday, December 17, 2007

Battle Report: The Ork Waaagh!, Part 1

After successfully evading the Arcadian forces for weeks, the Eldar stumbled onto a new threat. An Ork Space Hulk crash landed on Arcadia Prime, and an Ork Horde poured out of the wreck and went on a rampage. Before they could react, much of the Eldar forces found themselves surrounded by bloodthirsty Orks. One trapped Eldar force attempted to breakout of the Ork perimeter.

Scenario: Breakthough Breakout
Eldar Forces (Attacker): Tyrant
Ork Forces (Defender): Archite and SGTOM


Eldar ForcePoints

Farseer with Eldritch Storm and Guide, Shuriken Pistol & Witchblade121

5 Fire Dragons with 1 Exarch, Firepike and Tank Hunter146

4 Striking Scorpions with 1 Exarch, Scorpion's Claw and Crushing Blow, Plasma & Haywire Grenades132

5 Howling Banshees80

5 Rangers95

5 Dire Avengers60

Guardian Defender Squad (8) with Warlock with Shuriken
Pistol & Witchblade and Enhance

3 Dark Reapers111

Fire Prism Grav-Tank with Crystal Targeting Matrix145

5 Swooping Hawks with 1 Exarch with Hawk's Talon153

Vyper Jetbike50

Total Points:1199

Ork ForcesPoints

Warboss with Bosspole with Shoota (Kustom Job: Shootier
and More Dakka
), Choppa

Shoota Boyz (16)128

Slugga Boyz (10)90

Slugga Boyz (10)90

Wartrak with Twin-Linked Big Shoota46

Warbike Squadron (3)90

Gretchin (20) and 1 Slaver69

Gretchin (15) and 1 Slaver54

2 Lungburstas (Custom Vehicles)236

Gobsmasha (Custom Vehicle)128

Supadakka (Custom Vehicle)191

Total Points:1195

The Eldar Forces prepare to break out from being surrounded

Turn 1
The Farseer began the battle by casting Guide on the Fire Prism. The Fire Prism them opened fire on the northern Lungbursta, damaging its treads and immobilizing it. The Rangers fired on a distant unit of Slugga Boyz, killing three and sending the rest of them running for cover. As they ran, the Vyper opened up with its Shuriken Cannon, killing two more. The Dark Reapers, from their high positions in the rocks, fired their Reaper Launchers at the unit of Shoota Boyz to the south, killing three.

The Orks advanced on all fronts, hoping to contain the Eldar and wipe them out. The Gobsmasha's Kannon barked out, killing one Fire Dragon. The warbikes rumbled forward, firing their big shootas, and succeeded in killing three of the Rangers, while the wartrak's big shoota killed one more. The lone survivor began to fall back. The immobilized Lungbursta attempted to fire back at the Fire Prism, but missed with its Kannon. The southern mob of Gretchin fired open the nearby guardians, killing two, while behind them the Supadakka opened fire with its battery of twin-linked Bigshootas, killing six more Guardians, leaving the Warlock as the only survivor.

The Howling Banshees assault the Warboss and his Slugga Boyz

Turn 2
The Eldar began to maneuver in all directions, taking up better firing positions to effect their escape. The Fire Prism turned its sights to the Gobsmasha, and the Prism Cannon found its mark, detonating the Gobsmasha's ammunition and fuel tanks, causing a catastrophic explosion. Burning fuel and wreckage blasted into the Gretchin mob next to it, killing five of them. The Dire Avengers took advantage of the confusion and shot down four more Gretchin with a hail of shurikens. The Vyper continued firing at the pinned unit of Slugga Boyz, killing two more. The Dark Reapers continued firing at the Shoota Boyz, killing five more. The Fire Dragons,
heading south, shot at the Gretchin unit ahead of them and killed two, while the
Fire Dragon Exarch leveled his Firepike at the Supadakka ahead of him. The Firepike drilled a hole through its armor, killing the crew and rendering it a smoking hulk. The Warlock picked off another Gretchin with his shuriken pistol. The Howling Banshees fired their pistols at the Slugga Boyz ahead of them, and then charged. Their onslaught killed four of the Slugga Boyz, but then the Warboss cut one Banshee in half with his Choppa, while his Slugga Boyz killed two more.

The Shoota Boyz moved into the woods in an effort to flank the Fire Dragons, and assaulted the Warlock. The Gretchin also assaulted on the Fire Dragons, egged on by their Ork Slaver. The Warbikes sped towards the Dire Avengers, killing two of them.  The Wartrak picked off thelast Ranger with its big shoota. In the assault the Howling Banshees killed one more Slugga Boy before the Warboss killed both of them. The Warlock cut down one Shoota Boy before being cut down himself. The
Gretchin were unable to strike a blow on the Fire Dragons, who in turn killed five Gretchin. The surviving Gretchin ran for it.

A massive fight ensues at the Warlock and Fire Dragons are surrounded by foes

Turn 3
The Fire Prism took up a position behind the Vyper, and both of them opened fire on
the Slugga Boyz to their north, killing two out of the three remaining. Both the Striking Scorpions and the Dark Reapers opened fire on the Warboss and his Slugga Boyz, killing four of the Boyz and wounding the Warboss. The Fire Dragon Exarch fired upon the southern Lungbursta, destroying its Kannon. The Swooping Hawks then came down from the sky, landing next to the southern mob of Gretchin, and opened fire on them, killing six. The survivors ran for their lives. The southern Lungbursta, its main weapon damaged, and facing imminent destruction by the Fire Dragons, gunned its engine and attempted to run down the Fire Dragons. The Fire Dragons leveled their weapons and stood their ground. Multiple fusion gun shots and the Firepike blasted holes in the Lungbursta's armor, wrecking its engine and all of its weapons. The destroyed tank ground to a halt several feet ahead of its intended target.

The Warbikes continued in pursuit of the Dire Avengers, killing all three of them
with massed Big Shoota fire. The Shoota Boyz in the woods fired on the Fire Dragons, killing one of them. The Warboss, roaring with rage and bloodlust, sprinted forward to engage the Eldar Farseer in hand to hand combat. The Farseer held his ground, shot the Warboss with his shuriken pistol, then smoothly beheaded him with his Witchblade.

The Lungbursta barrels towards the Fire Dragons in a suicide run

Turn 4
The Eldar began to maneuver to complete their retreat.

The Fire Dragons and Swooping Hawks fired at the Shoota Boyz in the woods, killing four of them. The three survivors began to fall back. With no combat effective troops on the south end of the battlefield, the Ork situation looked desperate, and the Eldar began to escape. The Warbikes sped up to follow the Vyper, and shot it down with their Big Shootas. The Wartrak managed to kill one Striking Scorpion, while the Shoota Boyz who were falling back managed to kill a single Swooping Hawk.

Turn 5 & 6
Several of the Eldar units managed to escape, but the price was high, in that many Eldar were left dead on the field--too much for them to truly consider the escape a victory.

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