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Battle Report: The Battle of Cyclades, Part 2

Their first attack repulsed, the Eldar struggle to secure their beachhead in Cyclades as more troops begin to arrive at the front.

Imperial Guard Forces: abyrne
Eldar Forces: Darkwing

Imperial Guard (1st Platoon, G Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment)
Command Squad (5)64
Heavy Weapons Squad (6)110
Infantry Squad (10)96
Infantry Squad (10)98
Leman Russ Battle Tank165
Total Points:533

Eldar Forces

Guardian Squad with Warlock (12)137
Dark Reapers (3)111
Eldar Ranger Squad (5)95
Striking Scorpions (5)95
Swooping Hawks (5)105
Total Points:543

The Arcadian Battle LineTurn 1
From their positions in cover behind a rocky hill, the Imperial Guard's Heavy Weapons squad caught glimpses of the red helmeted Dark Reapers taking up firing positions in the woods ahead. Autocannon shots rang out, mowing down one of the Dark Reapers while a single lascannon shot blazed forth to kill another. The third Dark Reaper ducked out of the way of the krak missile launched at him, and thinking that this attack was run straight into an ambush, began to fall back.
The Leman Russ advanced forward, readying its weapons to attack, while the 1st Infantry Squad moved up in support. The 2nd Infantry Squad held position in the woods. Its mortar fired, lobbing a shot over at where they believed some Eldar Rangers might be hiding, but there did not appear to be any casualties.
Attempting to recover from the loss of the Dark Reapers, the Eldar charged forward toward the Imperial lines.
Turn 2
With the Dark Reapers neutralized, the Heavy Weapons Squad switched targets to the Eldar Rangers, killing two of them. The Leman Russ and its supporting infantry squad advanced further, some of the infantry taking cover in the trees. The rest of the Imperial Guard readied their weapons for the approaching Eldar assault. The assault came, but from an unexpected direction. Grenades fell from the sky landing squarely on the platoon command section, killing the lieutenant who was foolishly standing in the open. Following the grenades, five Swooping Hawks proceeded to land directly behind the Heavy Weapons Squad, and they opened fire with their lasblasters. Dozens of shots rang out, killing four members of the Heavy Weapons Squad, and the two survivors wisely began to fall back under the weight of fire.
With their Lieutenant killed and the Heavy Weapons Squad all but destroyed, it appeared that the Imperial left flank was collapsing.
Turn 3
With the Striking Scorpions still far away, no Eldar were available to exploit the breach in the Imperial lines. The Leman Russ swivelled its Battlecannon around, targetting the Swooping Hawks. With a thunderous discharge, the mighty cannon fired, killing three of the five aspect warriors. A lasgun shot from the command section killed a fourth. The Warlock and his Guardian Defender Squad continued their advance,
coming under fire from the 1st Infantry Squad's Heavy Bolter, killing two Guardians. A mortar shot from the 2nd Infantry Squad killed a third, but the Guardians were not disheartened and continued their advance. Once they got into range, they opened fire with their shuriken catapults, killing three. The last surviving Swooping Hawk, determined to avenge his fallen comrades, jetted over to support the Guardians, shooting and killing two more members of the 1st Infantry Squad.The Warlock and the Guardians charged into close combat, and the Imperial Guardsmen advanced to face their charge. Fighting in the trees proved difficult for the Eldar, and suffering a single casualty, they reconsidered their attack, and began to retreat.
Turn 4
The two surviving members of the Heavy Weapons Squad continued to fall back, but were caught in a crossfire by the last Swooping Hawk, who finished them off. As the Guardians continued their retreat, the 1st Infantry Squad opened up, killing three of them. The Striking Scorpions advanced in an effort to attack the Leman Russ, but were hit by lasgun fire from the 2nd Infantry Squad, killing two of them. The last surviving Swooping Hawk was shot by the command section.
Turn 5 & 6
With very few troops left, the Striking Scorpions attempted one last dash to attack the Leman Russ, but were all mowed down by massed lasgun fire. Just before retreating out of range the Warlock hurled his Singing Spear in defiance at the Imperial Guardsmen. The two surviving Eldar Rangers wrapped themselves in their cameoline cloaks and made their escape.
The repulsion of the second Eldar probing attack allowed the Arcadian Army to consolidate their positions further, however it was rumored that these attacks were just tests of the Imperial defenses, and that a much larger assault was imminent. The Guardsmen would steel themselves in the hopes of repelling yet another attack.

February 11, 2002

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