Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Battle Report: The Battle of the Outer Rim

The Eldar Craftworld Yriel-Dyann was preparing its massive assault upon the military forces of the Imperial controlled planet of Arcadia Prime. The first phase in their plan was a massive surprise attack on the Arcadian fleet and their Starbase at Arcadia Prime. The craftworld had enlisted the aid of an Eldar Pirate Fleet to carry out the operation. As the fleet began amassing for the attack, Captain Kier of the Eldar vessel Neien and his squadron were inadvertantly discovered by the Arcadian Navy Task Force 33, a small force on routine patrol. Realizing that the attack on Arcadia Prime would be jeopardized by his discovery, he directed his forces to wipe out the Arcadian ships before they could alert the rest of their fleet.

Eldar Forces: Tyrant
Imperial Forces: Darkwing

Added 10/6/2007:
This was the first battle report I did, after years of playing 40k and WFB. I had recently gotten Battlefleet Gothic, and just started the Arcadian Campaign, such as it was. We did a very small battle since we were both new to the rules of BFG.

The Fleets

Eldar Pirate Forces
1 Hellebore Class Frigate (Neien)75
2 Aconite Class Frigates130
2 Hemlock Class Destroyers80
2 Nightshade Class Destroyers80

Total Points: 365

Imperial Arcadian Forces
2 Firestorm Class Frigates (FFL-8 Auriga, FFL-13 Canes Venatici)80
3 Cobra Class Destroyers (DDG-8 Flora, DDG-16 Psyche, DDG-22 Kalliope)90

Total Points: 170

Turn 1
The Arcadian Navy had never seen combat before, and were not expecting any sort of danger, and as such the captains of the five vessels of Task Force 33 were surprised to see the Eldar ships approaching with obvious hostile intentions.

The Eldar had split their forces into two fleets, 1 consisting of the three frigates, the other of the four destroyers. The fleets each moved to flank the Imperial ships.

Seeing as they had little choice in the matter, the Imperial commander decided to be as aggressive as possible. He ordered his ships to firewall their engines, setting a course directly at the Eldar frigate fleet. The three Cobra destroyers fired torpedoes, but the Eldar Holofields thwarted the imperial firing solutions and all the torpedoes missed or detonated harmlessly.

Turn 2

Both fleets now in range, the Eldar ships opened fire on the Imperial ships. The Hellebore Class Frigate Neien launched a salvo of torpedoes, and the Nightshade Class Destroyers on the flank fired a flanking barrage of torpedoes. The Neien and the two Aconite Class Frigates then opened fire with their weapons batteries. The Imperial fleet was enveloped in explosions, and when the blasts cleared, the Cobra Class Destroyers Flora, Psyche, and Kalliope had all been destroyed.

The Firestorm Class Frigates proceeded through the wreckage
and opened fire with their prow lances, but both shots missed.

Turn 3

The Eldar pressed their attack, and opened fire on the Canes
, overloading her shields and causing her to explode in a flash of
light. Realizing that he was now alone, the captain of the Auriga
new the situation was hopeless. He turned his ship away from the Eldar
fleet and went to maximum sublight acceleration, disengaging the Auriga
from the fight. The Eldar were victorious, having destroyed four Arcadian
vessels without taking a single hit themselves, but one ship had escaped . . .

December 1, 2001

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