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Battle Report: The Battle of Cyclades, Part 1

The Eldar, having succeeded in all but destroying the orbital defenses of Arcadia Prime, began its invasion in earnest, landing forces in the Arcadian province of Cyclades.
Note: This battle marks the first use of Warhammer 40k 3rd edition.

Imperial Guard Forces: abyrne
Eldar Forces: Darkwing

Imperial Guard Forces
Imperial Guard (1st Platoon, K Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment)
Command Squad (5)64
Heavy Weapons Squad (6)110
Infantry Squad (10)96
Infantry Squad (10)98
Leman Russ Battle Tank165
Total Points:533

Eldar Forces
Guardian Squad with Warlock (12)114
Guardian Squad with Warlock (12)114
Eldar Ranger Squad (5)95
Striking Scorpions (5)95
Fire Prism Tank115
Total Points:533

The Arcadian Battle Line
Turn 1
The Arcadian forces were arrayed in a battle line, anchored on the left flank by the Leman Russ.  The center was held by the Heavy Weapons Squad, and the Command Section held the rear. Once the Eldar came into range, the Leman Russ advanced out of cover and opened fire on the Fire Prism with its lascannon.  The shot struck home, penetrated the armor and the Fire Prism fell to the ground, a burning wreck. The rest of the Eldar forces charged forward, attempting to keep in cover while they closed the range. A pair of guardians fell to the Imperial lasgun fire.
Turn 2
The Eldar Rangers took up positions in the trees, aimed their weapons and began sniping at the Arcadian lines, killing two guardsmen. As the rest of the Eldar advanced, a long range Heavy Bolt shot killed another guardian while a mortar shot pinned one of the guardian units within close range of the Arcadian lines. As the guardians scrambled for cover, the Arcadians began to pick them off one by one.
Turn 3
Several imperial lasgun shots killed a pair of Eldar Rangers, and the rangers began to fall back from their position. Seeing their forces getting hit hard by the imperial fire, the Striking Scorpions burst from cover and charged the Leman Russ. The Leman Russ opened up with its Heavy Bolter, and supported by fire from one of the Infantry Squads, nearly tore the Scorpions apart. Only one survived to reach the Leman Russ, but that was enough. The Scorpion tossed his haywire grenade into a chink in the tank's armor, and the tank ground to a halt, all its systems malfunctioning, rendering it a useless chunk of metal.
Turn 4
The last surviving Striking Scorpion attacks the Leman RussDespite the loss of the Leman Russ the Imperial fire would not let up, and the Guardian squads were paying the price. One of them was nearly wiped out, and the other began to fall back. The Striking Scorpion, blood in his eyes, charged into the midst of one of the Infantry squads, his chainsword swinging in deadly arcs.  He killed three guardsmen, causing the rest to flee his wrath. As the aspect warrior burst from the trees in pursuit, he was met with a hail of fire from the Command Section, the Heavy Weapons squad, and the rallying Infantry Squad. In the end, it took 10 lasgun shots, 2 shotgun shots, 1 meltagun blast, 1 lascannon shot, 1 bolt pistol shot, and 2 autocannon shots to bring him down.
Turn 5 & 6
The Eldar attack was all but torn apart, as the Rangers continued to fall back, and the surviving guardians did the same. The Imperial forces consolidated their position and advanced forward to reinforce their position, confident that the first Eldar attempt to break out of their beachhead was a failure. The victory would buy the Arcadians some valuable time to bring up more forces to face the Eldar threat.

February 11, 2002

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