Friday, June 21, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 3: Back to Square One

Stardate 2102.01.01
Priorities are as follows:
  • Build a Weapons Research Station
  • Upgrade Arcadia Prime Space Port to Medium size
  • Begin researching weapons
  • Begin researching hyperdrive

In order to protect itself from pirates, the Republic begins a military buildup.

2102.01.02  Construction of a Weapons Research Station begins, and science teams begin working on researching weapons and hyperdrive. Soon after, one of the exploration ships discovers a ruin upon the planet Eris.
It gives detailed information of surrounding star systems, which will prove useful once hyperdrives are researched.  

2102.01.18  Dark Despair and the Decisive Scorpion have returned.  The navy is nowhere near ready.
Again the RA is essentially defenseless.  All civilian shipping attempts to flee the area as the pirates approach.
2102.01.24 In another emergency session of the Senate, Mishku Bendu, a cousin to the disgraced Karl Bendu, is elected President, and assumes immediate control.  The people are uneasy at this choice, but times are desperate.

2102.01.30  The Research Station is destroyed, and lead scientist, Derras Zotri, is killed.  

2102.02.02 Arcadia Prime Space Port opens fire on the raiders, who continue to close in.  The space port is only able to fire a few missiles before it is totally destroyed, along with all three warships under construction.

2102.02.13  The pirates waste no time in bringing the Weapons Research Station under attack.
2102.02.22  The pirates turn and destroy the High Technology Research Station as well.
2102.03.02 The pirates apparently consider going after civilian shipping, but taking out the installations has apparently given them time to escape. The pirates enter hyperspace, and the RA immediately begin construction of defenses.  Arcadian astronomers have tracked the course of the pirates, and believe they have identified the star where their base must be located.  Unfortunately, with no hyperdrives--and no navy--of its own, the Republic has no way to respond.  The most that can be done is to build up defenses to protect itself against their next attack.  

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