Monday, June 17, 2013

DW: Republic of Arcadia, Part 1: Baby Steps

Stardate 2100.03.21

The Republic of Arcadia (RA) has begun humanity's return to the stars.  After much debate, the Senate of the RA voted to begin construction of starships.
  The first priority is to build a construction ship to facilitate the building of outposts, and to build several exploration vessels to explore the solar system. The home planet of Arcadia Prime orbits the magnificent gas giant Arcadia, so that will be the first target of exploration.  The RA also intends to examine the small vessel seen orbiting Arcadia.

It is a large universe out there, and there is much to explore.  The RA's home star of Helios is but a mote of dust in the grand expanse of the galaxy.

Over the next several months the RA completes a construction ship, which the people have named Precious Queen.  It is sent on a many month long journey to the gas giant Ixion, to begin construction on a gas mining station, which will produce much needed fuel for planned starships.

 Construction on a space station begins, dubbed Arcadia Prime Space Port.  

Once the space port is completed, construction accelerates.  Another construction ship is built, and three exploration vessels, named Challenger, Columbia, and Discovery.  Columbia is ordered to examine the alien vessel in orbit around Arcadia, while Challenger does a survey on Arcadia itself. Discovery goes on a long range journey to study Eta Tucanae 1, the planet closest to Helios.  
Soon after this, the RA receives radio transmissions from aliens who call themselves the Grim Gang. They offer to put the RA in contact with an independent planet, at an exorbitant price.  Skeptical of their motives, the Senate declines to answer.  With a name and a flag like that, they do not appear friendly.  The Senate decides it would be wise to bide its time.
Soon after this a team is sent to board the alien vessel in orbit around Arcadia.  They discover that it is a military vessel, a frigate named Dark Action.  

Arcadian scientists have no idea who it belongs to nor why it was abandoned.  The government briefly considers keeping the vessel as a warship to defend Arcadia Prime, but decide to dismantle it instead. Undoubtedly it contains secrets that could boost RA technology.  
The boarding crew brings Dark Action back to the Arcadia Prime Space Port for disassembly, and Columbia is sent off to explore other planets in the solar system.  Soon after, the second construction ship, Enchanted Profit, is completed, and it begins to construct a gas mining station at Arcadia.  

The RA has begun the exploration of our solar system.  The population and economy grow steadily in the optimistic atmosphere.
It has been a year since humanity decided to return to the stars.  The future looks bright, and the explorers from Arcadia Prime look forward to the many challenges they will face in the years ahead.

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