Monday, March 12, 2012

Brazen Claws: Completed!

It took me far, far too long to paint them, but here they are.  It is with a sense of accomplishment and no small amount of relief that I present them:  the Brazen Claws 2nd Company, a detachment of support units and the Chapter Master his retinue.  I think it is fitting that this is also my 300th post to Arcadia Prime.

The company masses for its portrait
Front Elevation

Looking down the line
A mass of red and blue and bronze
Assembled captains and commanders of the Brazen Claws
Chapter Master Aeneus, four company captains and the Chapter Master's personal Land Raider Redeemer
Left to Right:  Master of the Recruits, Master of the Arsenal, Chapter Master Aeneus,  Master of the Fleet, and Master of the Watch
2nd Company Command Squad
Tactical Squad 1
Tactical Squad 2
Tactical Squad 3
Tactical Squad 4
Tactical Squad 5
Tactcial Squad 6
Assault Squad 7
Assault Squad 8
Devastator Squad 9
Devastator Squad 10
Support Whirlwind
Predator Annihilator.  Note the kill marking on the turret--this predator destroyed a n Ork Stompa in this Apocalypse battle.
Techmarine and his servitors
Terminator Assault Squad
Terminator Squad
Vindicator Squadron


eriochrome said...

Good Work, if only a battle company had some punch on the game table. My company is short on transports and still lacking paint or even primer on most of it.

Darkwing said...

The fact that a Space Marine Battle Company has no punch on the game table implies that there is a serious problem with the game system. But then, this is not news.

My BC company is going to have its day on the tabletop...I just need to work on their opponents, and then find a weekend free where I can play!

sonsoftaurus said...

Congrats! It's always a good feeling to get through such a big project!

Admiral Drax said...


Many hearty congratulations, my friend!

ColKillgore said...

Good Job! I really enjoy seeing a painter finish a big project. What are your palns to expand the force beyond 3k points?

Darkwing said...

I haven't done the math, but the total points value of this force is well over 3k. I think it's somewhere between 4.5 and 5k. I don't have any plans right now to expand it--frankly, I'm sick of painting red and blue!

Cawshis Clay said...

Amazing! One of my favorite things to see is an entire company of painted marines. And with such a crazy pattern too.

Nicely done. And congrats!

Branahar said...

Nice to see some one else doing a Brazen Claw Company, I my self have collected and painted the 4th Company, imagine my dispare on completion of the project to find out that they might of fallen into the hands of the primordial annihilator. Thanks GW.

Dan Eldredge said...

Eh, those that claim that the Brazen Claws are destroyed are the servants of Chaos. True followers of the Emperor know that the Brazen Claws will always carry the Emperor's banner and fight his enemies forever.