Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Inspired by Art (2)

A while back (yipe, almost two years ago!) I made a post called Inspired by Art, where I showed a bunch of pictures of models that I had converted that was inspired by 40k artwork.

In that post I included a picture of a Blood Angels Space Marine that I had converted, but had not painted yet. Well, other priorities came to the fore, but I finally was able to get back to this guy and paint him up.  Here he is, next to the image that inspired him.


Vitor said...

Fantastic conversion! I have also been running some ideas around in my head for similar art to model conversions but yours is great.

Ron Saikowski said...

I love doing this. The artwork in the books provides so much for us when it come to modeling and painting.

You've actually done a really nice job capturing the pose with regular bits. Nice work.

Ron, FTW