Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Old Rules

Unless you're one of those players who buys a new codex and army, plays it in tournaments, then sells everything on ebay as soon as the next codex/army comes out, you probably have multiple editions of GW rulebooks and codices on your shelf.  (If you're a person who plays mostly in hobby stores or in tournaments against strangers, then this post doesn't apply to you)

All that old stuff is still good.  There's no reason not to keep playing a previous edition of the rules long after it has been superseded.  Just because GW releases new editions of the rules and new codices to go along with them doesn't mean that you can't still play the old rules sets if you want to.

The urge to play try out something new is very strong.  But if you had a lot of fun playing the game in an older edition, there's nothing to stop you playing that edition long after a newer edition is released.  New models might require some rules modifications if you want to include them, but what's to stop you from doing that too?

In fact, my gaming buddy Badelaire has been working feverishly on his Crimson Fists army, so we may soon play the "Battle of the Farm" scenario from the Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader rulebook.  Using those rules.  If we do, the battle report is going up here.


The Lord of Excess said...

You bring up a good point and that is play what version of the game you like. Old codexes are cheap the old rules are cheap.

Honestly if I play 40K again ... ever ... it might be 3rd/4th ed rules with a small group of friends and/or my kids in a few years when they are old enough.

Honestly trying to acquire a full 3rd ed set of codexes might not be a bad plan. The upside of that is they are easily found on ebay for usually around 5 bucks each. I think I have most of them ... hmmm ... this might be a worthy project :D Thanks for the idea!

dylangould said...

Recently I've been thinking of doing a mix of editions, using the current larger 5th ed mechanics, but use the stats, weapons, points and armor from 2nd.

Simplified hand to hand, but with all those crazy flavorful things.

Really, I just want to shoot a splatta cannon again.

Admiral Drax said...

Super. Do it.

I'm at home at the moment, visiting my dad and when here I always take time to flick through some of the old 2nd Edition era White Dwarfs [Dwarves]. Joyous fun, they had with it back then. That's one of the biggest things that's changed. Fun, silly, exploratory battle reports.

For my own part I despaired of D&D when they introduced the 'new' 4th Ed rules. Despaired. This was at the same times as I moved away from my gaming group, so not too problematic...but luckily now my old DM has pointed me toward the new Pathfinder rules.

Do it. Play the game and let us know.

Darkwing said...

Earlier today we just did a quickie skirmish without any complications like terrain... The results were very interesting.

Next week we plan to do the Battle at the Farm. I'll post the results.

Jack Badelaire said...

Next week has sort of turned into next month, but we still plan on playing this battle out as soon as we can manage.

I'm really enjoying the feel of the RT-era rules. Sci-Fi RPG meets tactical skirmish game. Battles all seem to be very scenario based, with no points totals or "melta / mech spam". I think in many ways, playing a battle under 1K points using RT rules would be a lot more interesting than using modern 5E rules.